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7th/8th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

7th/8th language arts

7th/8th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

Course Overview:
This Language Arts class is designed to help you improve your communication skills through reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar exercises. There will be a large amount of reading in this class. You are expected to keep an independent reading book at all times, and you must complete one AT OR ABOVE your reading level every four weeks. Along with the reading, you will be working in Shurley English to improve grammar, vocabulary and communication. There will be some research presentations and you will be doing two formal papers each quarter along with informal, weekly writing exercises.
To succeed in this class, you must be willing to put forth the effort. There will be writing assignments, reading assignments, papers, reports, and projects. You can expect homework each evening, for a grade. It is important to be organized and responsible and turn in assignments on time. Although you may work and/or be involved in extra curricular activities your first responsibility needs to be to your schoolwork.

Homework will be given on a daily basis. As long as the entire class works hard throughout the week, homework may not be given for the weekend (this is not a guarantee...merely a reward if work is completed). Homework must be turned in to receive credit. All grades are posted online and are updated weekly. Parents and students can access these grades at any time online and if there are any concerns, please contact me as soon as possible.
If you begin to feel overwhelmed, talk with me so we can come up with a plan. Please remember that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, the first thing you should do is reflect on your effort. If you’re slacking in class, it WILL reflect your grade. Also remember that excuses are simply that. Do not come to me with, “I had practice”, “I left my books at school”, “I was busy”, or “I don’t get the assignment.” I will go over the assignment with you before class dismissal, and if you are still unsure, talk to me then so we can work on it together.
Daily Supplies:

You must always have the following things for this class:
1. Assignment book
2. Independent reading book
3. Language folder (with all necessary papers inside) and a Grammar folder (daily language exercises and Shurley English handouts)
4. Pencil/highlighter
5. Shurley English workbook/textbook

*You are expected to be in your seat, prepared, with all above materials and ready to go at the start of class. Please refer to the middle/high school discipline policy form.


I will be following the grading scale located in the student handbook. Please be sure and read over it. All grades will be posted on Engrade. I will be notifying parents of a students poor grade or if they do not turn homework in. This will be done through messaging on Engrade. Also, all important papers will be located on there under ‘apps’ and ‘wikis.’


We will be following a routine schedule. We will also have additional time at the end of the day for Shurley English.

What to expect:

I am asking that each of you take some time to think about how you can best organize yourself. You will hear the word ‘organization’ often. Again, you can expect to feel overwhelmed if you are not putting forth the effort. By doing so, it will reflect your grade. Please make sure you talk to me if you are afraid you might lose motivation or will struggle managing your time. I would be HAPPY to sit and come up with a plan together!

You can also expect very little “down time.” Because you are expected to finish outside novels as well as meet the other objectives (another word you will become familiar with), our class time will be extremely valuable. Reading outside of class will be MANDATORY.

***Please see handout “Description of 7th/8th grade language arts” which is also available on Engrade!

I have read and understand Mrs Murphy’s syllabus. I agree to follow these rules and expectations.

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***This form must be signed and returned by Monday, August 22, 2011