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Accuracy and Precision (Chemistry)

Sept. 26:
Writing Entry: based on qual and quan ideas.
a. Students will gain mastery with the concepts of "Quan" and "Qual" including scientific notation in our review period. They will be asked individually to address the question, and it would be determined which had acquired the understanding.
b. Accuracy and Precision will be introduced to the class. Students will read pgs. 54-62.
Sept. 27:
Writing Entry: Accuracy and Precision
a. Percent error (pg. 55) calculation, students will learn to calculate this simple operation. They will learn to identify the terms such as experimental value and accepted value in order to fully understand the process. Several examples will be given. Each will be assigned one problem.
b. The concept of "significant figures in measurement" pgs. 56-61 also will be introduced to class. Students will be able to identify which number should not be considered significant in a group of data.
Sept. 28:
Writing Entry: based on significant figures
a. Students will be assigned for mastery purposes to solve Practice Problems on pg. 58 #5 a-d #6 a-d, pg. 59 #7 a-f #8, pg. 60 #9 a-d #10, pg. 61 #11a-c and #12.
Sept. 29:
a. Students will perform a basic "Mini Lab" on pg. 62, an application task. The purpose, materials, analysis and conclusions will be entered to their "Journal". This should be completed in one period. b. Students should not encountered problem upon addressing the section review on pg. 62 #13-16.
Sept. 30:
Writing Entry: How is the mini lab have help them to master the understanding of theories discussed in class.
Students will be given this day to complete those problems assigned in class. Expecting students to fully commit their time to completing the assignments.