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Algebra 2 Syllabus

Algebra II
Instructor: Mrs. Schwendenman

Course Description: This course provides students an opportunity to expand on the basic algebraic concepts involved in solving equations and inequalities. Factoring polynomials and quadratic equations that lead to solutions are covered as well as simplifying radicals, exponents and logarithms. The application of functions to real world problems is approached and conic sections, probability, trigonometry functions, and complex numbers are introduced.

Merrill, Algebra 2, with Trigonometry
New York, New York: Glenco/McGraw-Hill, Inc. 1995.

Topic List:
a. Review of real numbers.
b. Solving first degree equations and inequalities having one
c. Special products, factoring and solving more complicated
d. Fractional expressions and fractional equations.
e. Graphs, linear equations, functions and relations.
f. Systems of linear equations and inequalities.
g. Exponents, radicals and complex numbers.
h. Quadratic functions and quadratic equations.
i. Conics and systems of quadratic equations.
j. Exponential and logarithmic functions.
k. Matrices.
n. Trigonometric functions.
o. Sequences and series.

Skill Objectives:
Students will:
-Become aware of relationships between the different parts of mathematics.

-Begin to perceive patterns in numbers number systems.

-Become aware of the conceptual aspects of the number systems, algebraic systems.

- use graphing calculators to explore mathematical concepts.

-Begin to recognize and solve problems using the concepts of algebra as a
problem solving tool.
Class Rules and Procedures

Students are to:
• Be on time.
• Be ready to start class when the bell rings.
• Remain seated during class.
• Bring required materials to class.
-Paper, graph paper, ruler, pencil/eraser,
notebook, graphing calculator TI-83 or TI-84.
• Take adequate notes during class.
-The student is responsible for getting class
notes for days in which he/she is absent.
• Listen when someone else is speaking- No talking.
• Come to class prepared.
-Complete assigned homework.
• Be responsible – turn in all required assignments - make no excuses!

Students are permitted to be tardy no more than twice per nine weeks. With a third tardy, a student will automatically be assigned to an after-school detention. Excessive lateness will impact a student’s grade.

No student will be given permission to leave class to use the rest room or get a drink of water during class time. If you have a medical condition, you must let Mrs. Schwendenman know and accommodations will be made.

During quizzes, tests, or exams, students will maintain strict classroom discipline. Students will not talk, move around, cause disturbances, speak aloud, pass notes, have answers written on clothing, one’s body, or material other than the test paper, or any way signal answers to another student.
The following actions will be deemed examples of cheating:
Any attempt to get credit for work not done by the student.
Any attempt to compromise the validity of a test or assignment.
Any attempt to deceive the teacher regarding academic work, including

Consequences if caught cheating as determined by the teacher:
Note placed in student’s file
Meeting with administrator
Zero on that assignment or test. The students must redo the assignment or
test and his or her grade will be the average of the two scores.

First infraction: call to parents and a detention.
Second infraction: meeting with parents and in-school suspensions.
Third infraction: meeting with parents, in-school suspension. And the note in the student’s file becomes permanent, accompanying his or her transcript to other institutions.

If a student is found to have a cell phone or any device deemed by the teacher to be disruptive, distracting or otherwise unnecessary in the class, the item will be confiscated and will require a note from the student’s parent(s) to be returned.

All school rules and consequences apply to this classroom.
You will receive a school detention for the following:
Third inexcusable lateness per quarter and every one thereafter.
Third disciplinary referral per quarter.

Students are to come to class prepared with the following required materials: Paper, graph paper, ruler, pencil/eraser, pen, notebook, graphing calculator TI-83 or TI 84.

Respect one another, respect yourself
Listen to one another

Course Calendar – Student class assignments for each week will be posted online on the teacher blog.