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The Great Philosophers


-considered the father of Greek philosophy
-interested in right and wrong
-how humans should behave
-examine your actions against your ideals
-moral and ethical ideals were important to live by
-never do any wrong (even accidentally)
-if you understood what was right and wrong, you could not choose the wrong thing
-presented ideas by word of mouth
-used the Socratic method of Questions
-was arrested for his beliefs
-drank poison to end his life


-education was very important
-taught in the Academy (school he started)
-wrote down ideas of his and Socrates
-only philosophers understood meaning of truth and justice
-right kind of education would teach people to act toward the good of others
-identify the perfect forms of life in its ideal state


- observed people and the world around them
-believed knowledge is of utmost importance
-there is more than one way to explain things
-fact collector
-analyzed these facts
-developed theories about things—basic scientific research method
-government’s purpose was to make a good life for its citizens
-people should avoid extremes and live by the golden mean (moderately)