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How to Annotate A Passage

Annotating A Passage

* 1

Circle unknown words. As you read, circle each word you come across that is unfamiliar. You may need to come back and reread the sentences before and after the word to get at the meaning of the word.

* 2

Mark definitions. Underline, highlight or circle sentences that provide you with a definition. It is useful to write "def" in the margin so you can locate the definition quickly. Also mark sentences that provide examples by marking an "X" next to the sentence.

* 3

Number lists of ideas. Writers provide support points to back up their main idea. Write a number in the margin next to each support point or lists of points that clarify the main idea.

* 4

Make notes to yourself in the margins. As you read, write any questions or comments that crop up in your mind in the margin next to the passage.

* 5

Place a check or star next to important passages. This is extremely helpful when taking a test that requires you to read a passage, because the questions that follow the reading will most likely refer back to these points.

* 6

Keep it simple. Remember, you are trying to connect with the reading in some way. Use the tools that work best for you.