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Teacher Create Class

URL: https://api.engrade.com/api/

Required input fields
apitask = class-add
apikey = contact us for your API key
ses = The session token ID
name = Name of the class
syr = School year (2YYY or 2YYY-2YYY)
gp = Grading period (1-9)
gradelevel = 0 for Pre-K/K, 1-12 for 1st through 12th grade, 13 for college, 14 for occupational, 99 for other.
subject = 12 for math, 42 for foreign language, 1 for Language Arts, 5 for science, 99 for other.

Optional input fields
schoolid = the UID of the class's school (teacher must already have joined school)
stuview = 0/1 for allow/block students from viewing grades online
teachmail = 0/1 for allow/block students from messaging teacher
stumail = 0/1 for allow/block students from messaging each other
stusort = How to sort students: 1 as entered, 2 last name, 3 ID number, 4 class percentage

Output fields:
clid - This will be Engrade's unique class ID for this class