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Major Asian Religions WebQuest


You will soon begin an interesting adventure into the past to
gather information on one of Asia's major religions. You are a
member of an elite research team chosen to travel back in time to
ancient civilizations where the historical, political and
philisophical roots of the Asia's major religions were
developed. Upon your return, you and your research team will present
your information to the class.

Religion is more than a belief in a god or diety. It is a
philosophy and way of life for many people. Religion impacts a
person's view of the world.


As part of the elite research team, you will each be given one of Asia's major religions to research. You will collect information from various internet links and other resources. You will create an information chart, pie chart, map, poster and brochure.

The Process

When you have been given your topic, click on the correct page link for the religion that you will be researching. On these pages you will find links to internet sites, as well as a list of other resources. Be sure to take notes using the graphic organizer given. You will need to turn in your notes with your project. There will be class time and library time to work on the projects.

Blank Graphic Organizer, Map, Pie Chart

Blank Information Chart
Blank Pie Chart
Blank Map of Asia

Create a Religion Information Chart

Using the blank information chart above, you will fill in the information about your assigned religion. Make sure that your information is detailed, because you will be using this for all of your other assignments. Use the links below to research your assigned religion. Hinduism Buddhism Shinto Confucianism Islam Taosim Christianity

Create a Pie Chart

Using the Blank Pie chart above, you will create a visual representation of the percentage of adherents worldwide for your assigned religion. You will also label the other major religions on the pie chart. Special note: The Religions Confucianism and Taoism will fall under the category Chinese traditional religion. Use the link below to help you find the information.

Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents

Create a Major Religions of Asia Map

Using the blank map above, you will color and label the major religions of Asia on the map. Be sure to create a map key showing the religion and the color that represents it.

Religions Map of Asia
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