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Banned Words

Banned Words

These words and any of their forms are NOT to be used, EVER:
SEE/LOOK-instead, use: be aware of, behold, check out, detect, discover, examine, explore, eye, find, gape, gawk, gaze, glance, glare, glimpse, inspect, keep an eye on, monitor, notice, observe, peek, peep, peer, peruse, scrutinize, search, spot, spy, stare, study, survey, take note of, view, watch, witness. LOOK FOR- instead use: canvass, forage, hunt for, pursue, ransack, rummage, scavenge, scour, scrounge, sweep, track down, trail.

GET/GOT-instead use: acquire, capture, earn, seize, receive, realize, attain, pocket, reap, procure, grab, snatch, purchase, steal, collect, gain, achieve, reach, profit, secure, gather, glean, entrap, fetch, obtain. As in "GET THERE"- enter, appear, show up, turn up, return, approach, join, intrude, burst in, infiltrate, invade, arrive. (see go/went) As in "GET OUT OF BED"- bounce, climb, fall, spring, fly, roll. As in "GET AN IDEA" -comprehend, grasp, realize, catch on, apprehend, fathom, figure out, perceive, discover, understand.

SAY/SAID-instead use: accuse, acknowledge, add, admit, admonish, advise, affirm, agree, allege, announce, apologize, assert, babble, bargain, bawl, beg, begin, bellow, boom, beseech, bemoan, blast, boast, cackle, caution, challenge, chant, charge, chime, chorus, chuckle, chide, cite, clamor, claim, coax, command, comment, complain, concede, concur, confess, confide, confirm, continue, contradict, contest, cry, debate, decide, declare, decree, demand, deny, denounce, describe, dictate, disagree, dispute, drone, echo, elaborate, emphasize, encourage, exclaim, explode, flatter, foretell, fume, gasp, giggle, go on, greet, grieve, groan, grumble, hail, howl, imply, implore, infer, inform, inquire, insist, instruct, insult interrogate, jabber, jeer, lament, lie, lash out, mention, mimic, moan, moralize, murmur, mutter, nag, notify, object, oppose, pant, persist, plead, pledge, pout, pray, propose, protest, query, question, quiz, ramble, rant, rave, rebuke, recite, recount, refute, remark, remind, repeat, reply, report, ridicule, roar, scoff, scold, scowl, screech, serenade, shout, shriek, sigh, sing, snap, snarl, sneer, snicker, sob, squawk, stammer, state, stress, stutter, submit, suggest, sulk, summon, swear, tattle, taunt, tease, threaten, thunder, urge, vent, voice, volunteer, vow, wail, warn, weep, whimper, whine, whisper, yak, yell. ANIMAL-caw, cluck, cackle, chirp, croak, bleat, moo, whinny, squawk, screech, hiss, roar, neigh, yap. SING-belt out, chirp, entertain, fill the air, perform, serenade, solo, trill, warble, with music.

GO/WENT & COME/CAME-instead use: advance, amble, arise, ascend, billow, blunder, bob, bolt, bounce, bound, burst, careen, cartwheel, cascade, charge, climb, coast, coil, continue, crawl, creep, cross, crusade, dance, dart, dash, depart, descend, dip, dive, dribble, drift, drive, droop, drop, drudge, exit, flee, float, flock, flop, flounder, flow, flutter, fly, follow, forge, furl, gallop, glide, gush, hurry, hustle, jolt, journey, lag, leap, loop, lope, lumber, lurch, maneuver, meander, mosey, mount, parade, pelt, pirouette, pivot, plod, plow, plummet, plunge, plunk, pour, prance, press on, proceed, progress, race, retreat, ripple, rocket, rush, sail, sashay, saunter, scamper, scroll, suttle, shuffle, sink, slither, sneak, soar, sojourn, somersault, spill, spiral, spring up, sprint, sprout, spurt, stagger, stoop, storm, stream, stride, stroll, strut, stumble, surge, sweep, swerve, swirl, swoop, take off, teeter, thump, tiptoe, topple, tour, trail, trample, travel, trek, trip, trot, trudge, tumble, twirl, twist, veer, waltz, wander, wave, whirl, whisk, whiz, whoosh, worm, zigzag, zoom. MOVE-blow, convulse, crash, flop, hover, jiggle, jostle, jump, lash, oscillate, pulsate, quake, quiver, revolve, roll, rotate, shake, shift, shiver, shudder, spin, squirm, stir, sway, swerve, throb, toss and turn, tremble, trill, twitch, vibrate, whip, whish, wiggle, wobble, wriggle.

BAD(see also "mean") Character-instead use: wicked, unrighteous, amoral, immoral, ungodly, dishonest, unscrupulous, impious, dissolute, licentious, roguish, crooked, untrustworthy, disloyal, treasonous,insidious, deceitful, sinister, sinful, criminal, base, unreliable, naughty. TRICKY- wily, sly, cunning, dishonest, crafty, conniving, cheating. ACTS-heinous, terrible, spiteful, awful, brutal, diabolical, atrocious, horrible, abominable, detestable, despicable, contemptible, vile, sordid, foul, wretched, reprehensible, disgraceful, shameful, scandalous, snide, revolting, obnoxious, repulsive, disgusting, unpalatable, regrettable, untimely. FAULTY-imperfect, inferior, second-class, defective, inadequate, unacceptable, lousy, ineffectual, unfit, languid. HARMFUL- detrimental, deleterious, damaging, ruinous, baneful, venomous, fatal, injurious, treacherous.

GOOD - CHARACTER-instead use: scrupulous, godly, virtuous, moral, righteous, honest, noble, wholesome, pure, innocent, untainted, saintly, courteous, well-mannered, obedient, trustworthy, upstanding, upright, respectable, gallant, benevolent. A DEED IS. . . praiseworthy, laudable, commendable, admirable, credible. AN IDEA IS. . . brilliant, ingenious, resourceful, inventive, creative, innovative, imaginative. GREAT- terrific, superior, extraordinary, marvelous, excellent, super, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, exemplary, awesome, fascinating, superb, glorious, spectacular, capital, first-rate, topnotch, top quality, select, unequalled, unparalleled, outstanding, unrivaled, exquisite, majestic, refreshing, elite. ACCEPTABLE- agreeable, satisfactory, presentable, tolerable, all right, pleasant, pleasing. GOOD FOR YOU- wholesome, nutritious, beneficial, favorable, advantageous, worthwhile, profitable. FOOD-delicious, delectable, scrumptious, flavorful, tasty, appetizing, yummy, savory, mouth-watering, luscious, succulent. SPECIAL-cherished, idolized, prized, esteemed, held dear, revered, adored, unique. SOUNDS- melodious, sweet, harmonious, golden, catchy, clear, pleasant, flowing, glorious, heavenly. SKILLED-capable, accomplished, efficient, effective, knowledgeable, qualified, adept, adroit, proficient, expert, experienced, productive.

INTERESTING-instead use: amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvelous, miraculous, incredible, remarkable, unbelievable, inconceivable, confounding, intriguing,amusing, fascinating, gripping, thought-provoking, exciting, tantalizing, captivating, spell-binding, enthralling, puzzling, baffling, bewildering, unfathomable, abstruse, mysterious, enigmatic, cryptic, esoteric, extraordinary, unheard of, uncommon, strange, odd, peculiar, curious, seldom seen, unimaginable, surprising, unconventional, unprecedented, novel, irregular, bizarre, weird, unique, freakish, offbeat, outrageous, outlandish, oddball, unorthodox, engrossing.

UGLY-instead use: unsightly, grotesque, homely, unattractive, marred, contorted, mutilated, blemished, unappealing, gruesome, hideous, frightening, scary, creepy, horrifying, shocking, daunting, disturbing. PLAIN-dull, drab, ordinary, common, boring, everyday, not much to look at, humdrum, bleak. MEAN-obnoxious, cruel, barbaric, ferocious, savage, vicious, brutal, brutish, evil, fiendish, diabolical, infernal, wicked, nasty, disagreeable, sinister, villainous, haughty, unfriendly, uppity, harsh, unpleasant. A REMARK or ACT can be-seething, scathing, biting, caustic, bitter, cutting, stinging, critical, virulent, spiteful, hostile, injurious, damaging, malignant, heated, appalling.

PRETTY-instead use: beautiful, attractive, comely, handsome, eye-catching, fancy, captivating, gorgeous, stunning, ravishing, alluring, lovely, charming, enticing, exquisite, breathtaking, inspiring colorful, brilliant, adorned, dazzling, decorative, deluxe, elaborate, glorious, glowing, lustrous, ornate, radiant, shining, vibrant, vivid adorable, classy, dainty, delicate, elegant, grand, refined, ritzy, sleek, snazzy, sophisticated, swank. NICE-kind, friendly, delightful, personable, charismatic, enchanting, sweet, charming, pleasant, genial, congenial, sociable, benevolent, amiable, agreeable, affectionate, cordial, neighborly, cooperative, sympathetic.

BIG-instead use: large, gigantic, towering, great, spacious, bulky, broad, immense, vast, huge, enormous, good-sized, expansive, colossal, monstrous, monumental, tremendous, grand, extensive, massive, robust, jumbo, mammoth, substantial, humongous, stupendous, prominent, elephantine, gargantuan, prodigious, grandiose, Herculean.

SMALL-instead use: tiny, little, wee, mini, short, teeny, itsy-bitsy, peewee, bantam, diminutive, petite, miniature, miniscule, minute, puny, runty, stunted, dwarf, shrunken thin, slender, slight, lean, scanty, narrow, brief, insufficient, sparse, wanting, skimpy, meager, minor.

A LOT -instead use: several, numerous, innumerable, countless, multiple, a multitude, a myriad, abundant, profuse, considerable, copious, umpteen, teeming, plentiful, throng.

THINK/THOUGHT-instead use: wondered, pondered, percolated, imagined, studied, gathered, assumed, processed, prayed, presumed, believed.

MAKE-instead use: mold, create, sculpt, build, hone.