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Classroom Rules and Procedures


The following rules are very basic, easy and should be followed at all times.
1. No talking (You are allowed to talk when we are having class discussions.
This is limited to talking only about the subject we are discussing. You should not talk out of turn or with your neighbor about anything else during this time. If you are working individually, there should not be any talking.)
2. No food, drinks, gum, candy, etc. (Do not bring anything to eat in class. You will clean the entire room if you do. Please keep the room neat and clean.)
3. Respect the teacher and classmates (You respect the teacher when you do what she says, don’t talk back or argue, do not touch her property without permission, do not speak out of turn and follow all classroom rules and procedures. You respect your classmates when you follow classroom rules and procedures.)
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself (This means you do not throw things, kick things, push people, hit people, etc.)
4. [b[Come to class prepared (I expect you to come to class with your assignment ready to turn in, the necessary books, and pens/pencils. You will not be allowed to leave the classroom to get any of the above.)


Entering the Classroom
1. Enter the classroom quietly without running, pushing, or talking loudly.
A. Note you will only have 10 minutes from the time your bell rings to complete your journal. Once the 10 minute time has been called, you must put your notebook away. The above rules are for your benefit.
B. Please remember there are other classes around yours who are trying to learn.

If You Are Late (Tardy)
A. You are late to class if you are not sitting in your seat when the bell rings (Note: Running into the classroom as the bell rings does not count as being on time).
If you are late to class you must:
1. Get a tardy slip from the office. You won’t be allowed in without one.
2. Come in quietly.
B. Consequences for Tardiness
1. 3 tardies equal 1 absent!

If You Are Absent
A. It is your responsibility to make-up any assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence. Follow this procedure:
1. You should copy the missing assignment and journal. You may see either me or a classmate for this during the last 5 minutes of class.
3. You have 2 days for every day you are absent to make up any tests. This is your responsibility. If you do not make up the test in the proper amount of time, you will be given a zero.
4. You are only allowed to make up assignments (tests, homework, etc) if you have an excused absent slip from the office.

Turning in Assignments
A. You must turn in your homework on the due date. This should be placed in the homework basket assigned to your class.
1. If it is not in the correct basket, it will be marked with a 0 with no opportunity for
make-up work.
2. It is your responsibility to turn in homework in the correct basket on the day it is
B. You should come to class prepared to turn in the assignment on the day it is due.
1. Do not come in expecting to print the assignment during class. Your paper should be printed and in your hand when you come to class.
2. There will be absolutely no homework accepted late. No exceptions.
3. If you are planning to be out of town the day an assignment is due and you know in advance of the absence, then you must turn in your assignment early. It will not be accepted when you come back.
4. If you are absent the day an assignment is due because of illness or any excused absence, then you may be allowed to turn in the assignment. However, you must provide accurate documentation of the absence. You will have 2 days to turn in the missing assignment.

Privileged time - If the class has followed classroom rules and procedures to the teacher’s satisfaction, she will end class 5 minutes before the bell. At that time she will check to see if the rows are in order, if there are any papers or trash on the floor, and if all materials have been returned.
These activities are allowed during this time: a) talking quietly b) writing notes
c) passing notes d) reading e) doing work for another class f) doing make-up work. The following activities are not allowed: a) walking around the room b) standing near the door
c) yelling or screaming d) physical contact such as pushing or throwing objects

When You Finish Early
A. If you finish all of your assigned work early you may a) read independently b) work on an assignment for another class c) write d) draw. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.

Restroom Policy
A. You may go to the restroom only if:
a) you have finished all of your assigned work
b) the class is working on Individual Seatwork
c) you have not abused this privilege in the past