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Final Exam


Review: Related Rates, Optimizations
Review: Applications of Derivatives
Review: Sample Exam 1, 2 and 3
Review: Sample Yr1 Midterms, Exam
AP Calculus Final Exam

Topics on the Final Exam

1.4 Limit Laws
1.5 Compute limits by Factoring, Conjugates, Common Denominator
1.6 Infinite, Asymptotes
1.7 Continuity, Intermediate Value Theorem
1.8 Discontinuity, Trig Limits
2.1 Definition of Derivatives, Power Rule
2.2 Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Tangent Lines
2.3 Normal Lines, Chain Rule
2.4 Higher Order of Derivatives
2.5 Derivatives of Inverse Functions, Implicit Differentiation
2.6 Derivative of Trig Functions
2.7 Derivative of Inverse Trig Functions
2.8 Derivative of Log and Exp Functions
2.9 Logarithmic Differentiation
3.1 Recognize Limits as Definitions, MVT, Rolle’s Theorem
3.2 Approximating f’ from a Graph or Table of Values
3.3 v/a
3.4 Related Rates
3.5 Graphing Intro
3.6 Curve Sketching
3.8 Differentiability, Max/Min Functions
3.9 Optimizations
3.11 Linear Approximations, Differentials
4.1 Antiderivatives
4.2 Integrations, Substitution
4.3 Definite Integrals
4.4 Integration Rules
4.5 Substitution (trig and inv trig), Avg
4.6 MVT, FTC
4.7 Riemann Sums
4.8 Rational Functions, Integration by Parts
5.1 Area under Curve, Area between Curves
5.2 Rates
5.3 v/a, FTC with Area
5.4 Volume: General Solids, Disks
5.5 Volume: Washers
5.6 Volume: Shells
5.7 Differential Equations: Functions, Growth & Decay
5.8 Differential Equations: Growth & Decay, Slope Field
6.1 L’Hopital’s Rule
6.2 Comparing f, f’, and f’’
6.3 Squeeze Theorem
6.5 Newton’s Method of Approximating Roots


The exam requires the use of a scientific calculator.

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