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Chemistry, Writing formulas for Binary Ionic Compounds

Naming and writing binary and tern

Dec. 12, 2011:binary ionic formulas
1. Read pgs. 149-150
2. Discussion:
a. to describe the characteristic of a chemical compound
b. to explain how to write formula
c. to discuss the two types of system or approach to writing a balance formula: One is the use of finding the least common multiple of the charger. Second method is the use of crisscross of which the numerical charger of the each ion is crossed over and be used a subscript
For example: Al 3+ + O 2- >>>>>>>> Al2O3
3. Practice Problems: Students will complete the problem on page 151 #24 a to d and #25 a to d.
4. More problems for practice will be assigned and be written on the board.
Dec. 13, 2011: Naming Binary Ionic Compound and writing entry
Writing entry: Students must write 6 sentences in five minutes to emphasize how to write a binary ionic compound and provide an example.
1. Read aloud pgs. 151-152
2. Discussion: Name the cation as metallic ion and name the anion as non metallic ion
For example: Ba2 + F>>>>>> BaF2, so to name this binary ionic compound they would name this formula such as Barium Flouride
3. Journal: Solve the practice problems on pg. 153 #26 a to d # 27 a to d
4. More practice problems will be assigned
Dec. 14, 2011:Ternary Ionic compound
Writing entry: They would write 6 sentences in five minutes in naming formulas.
1. Read pgs. 154-155 aloud
2. Discussion:
a. what is ternary compound
b. How to write and name ternary compound
c. how to balance the charges
3. Students will solve practice problems on page 155 #28a to d and 29 a to d
4. More will be assigned on page 156 #30 a to d and 31 a to d
Dec. 15, 2011: Section review and writing entry
Writing entry: Discuss how what is ternary and the charges should be balance and must provide an example in 6 sentences paragraph.
1. students will complete the section review pg. 156 #32 to 36