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CHET Geometry Orientation

Start your notecard stack

Open your book to page 2.

On one white notecard, write the word "Definition" in the upper left corner of the card.

In the middle of the card, define the word "Definition".

Put your name at the bottom left of the card. Write "Lesson 1" in the bottom right corner.

Do the same for the rest of the terms written in blue ink for Lesson 1. Each term should be on one card. Each card should have only one term.

Bring blue, red, and green markers to class.

Using Hotmath

Be sure to create a bookmark to hotmath.com (this link will take you to the geometry book page!) because you will need to use it during the school year!

At the hotmath.com website, enter page "5" in the textbox between the 2 green arrows.

Click on problem #1.

On your paper, do lesson 1, problem 1.

Using Engrade

Find your gradesheet.

Record your "Orientation secret number" as the answer to problem 2 on your homework sheet.

Print out your gradesheet.

Have your parent sign the gradesheet.

Bring it to class!

Practice your skills!

For problems 3-8, do problems a-f on page 776.

For problems 9 & 10, do problems a and b on page 781.

For problems 11 & 12, do problems a and b on page 789.

On graph paper, do a-e on page 788.

ALWAYS copy the problem from the book first.

Know your book

#13: What section of your book starts on page 800?

#14: On what page can you find a list of all postulates and theorems?

#15: Using your glossary, copy the definition of "cross section".