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Civil War & Reconstruction Project Sheet

8th grade social studies
Mrs. Cardinale
Civil War & Reconstruction Project
You will work together in small groups investigating ONE of the following essential questions. Divide of the work between group members and then submit one completed project reflecting the work of the group as a whole.

EQ#1: What happened to the South after the Civil War? Create your own Document Based Question by selecting 8 – 10 primary sources, photocopying them, creating questions for each, develop a historical context and task as if you were designing the final exam DBQ for the 8th grade state assessment.

EQ#2: Analyze primary source documents such as the
Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War Amendments: draw or create a multi-media presentation that reflects 5 primary sources of the Civil War. An oral presentation to the class explaining your interpretation of the documents will be expected by one of your group members.

EQ#3: Debate the 3 plans for Reconstruction.
Using the internet, text book and other sources of information, research the three plans for reconstruction and prepare a mock debate in front of the class. A moderator will ask questions and three group members will stage a live debate, the class will then decide on the best plan and discuss why reconstruction failed.

EQ#4: Compare the impeachment of Andrew Johnson
To the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton by researching and creating a timeline of events for both cases, defining impeachment and explaining the process, include all relevant people and events. Compare and contrast the two impeachment trials and discuss the outcomes. The final project should be a colorful poster size Timeline of Events & Venn Diagram displaying your research.