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Colonial Projects

Model/Poster Directions

On Your Own:
• Read “Colonial Days and Ways”.
With your partner/small group:
• Share tasks and use your time well.
• Follow directions under “Making the Model”.
• Look at “Teaching with the Model”
o Create a poster with the Q + A.
o Neatly print each question on an index card.
o Attach each question card to the poster to create a flap.
o Neatly print the answers to the questions underneath the flap.
o Give your poster an appropriate title.
o Your poster should be colorful and attractive as well as include accurate information.
Optional: *May be done alone or with partner/small group.
• If you would like extra credit, you may choose to do an additional project under the “Do more” section.
• You must finish the required project before using class time on extra credit. You may also work on the extra credit at home. (This is not homework though.)


___ Used class time well (20)
___ followed directions (20)
___ neat, finished model(s)(30)
___ colorful, attractive poster (10)
___ neat, accurate Q+A (10)
___ appropriate title (10)
___ total (100)
___ extra credit (optional)

Extra Credit Projects (optional)

• Review pp.174-175 on facts and opinions.
• Create a poster with facts and opinions about the Puritans and Pilgrims. (at least 5 total)
• Title : Fact or Opinion?
• Write facts/opinions on note cards and attach to poster as flaps.
• Underneath each fact or opinion, reveal whether it is a fact or an opinion.

Rhode Island
• Research the whaling industry in New England.
• Draw pictures and write accompanying captions based on what you read.
• Create a small poster with your pictures and captions.

New York
• Today Manhattan Island is one of New York City’s five boroughs. Find out the names of the other four boroughs.
• Draw and label the boroughs on a map of the entire city.
• Research when each borough was settled by the Dutch and whether the names have changed since.
• Include this research on or with your map.

• Research famous people from Philadelphia
o Benjamin Franklin
o Benjamin Rush
o Benjamin West
o Betsy Ross
o John Bartram
o David Rittenhouse
• Create trading cards for each famous person.
o Include a picture of the person on one side.
o Include at least one important fact on the other.

• Find out about the kinds of houses that early settlers in other parts of North America built.
• Focus on how people used natural resources in the area to protect them from the climate and weather.
• Create a poster or power point slides with illustrations to explain what you learned.

• Imagine you are James Oglethorpe writing a speech to convince the Georgia colonists that slavery should be outlawed. (handwritten or typed)
• Begin with your opinion. (Slavery should be outlawed in Georgia.)
• Then give several persuasive reasons for your opinion.
• Use transition words such as first, second, finally, …
• Be sure to write neatly and in paragraph form.
• You may use facts and opinions.