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Advantages / Disadvantages / Applications of different HCI


>> Command Line Interfaces
• Very flexible with the use of “switches” (options)
• Good for “expert” users - can quickly access commands
• Uses the fewest system resources
• Requires the user to learn “complex” commands or language
• “Hidden” features i.e. if you don’t know the commands you wont know the features are there!
• Not very good for novice users
Command Line Interface Applications
• System administration
• Engineering applications
• Scientific applications
• Ideal for visually impaired users!!!

>>Menu Driven Interfaces
• No need to learn complex commands/language
• Easier for a novice to learn/use
• Ideal when there are a limited number of options (efficient)
• Can be frustrating for experienced users i.e. the command they want to use is buried 5 levels deep!!!!
• User interface may be limited by screen space and number of options available

Menu Driven Applications
• Mobile Phone
• MP3 Player
• Video recorder
• Household Devices
• Digital/Cable TV

>> The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Learning Curve -- Unlike CLI systems that require users to memorize commands, GUI systems offer a comparatively intuitive approach.
Multitasking -- GUI systems offer a simple means of multitasking. Users can maintain multiple open applications and transition between them with a click of the mouse. This enhances productivity, particularly in situations that require a copy and paste from one application to another.
Visuals -- GUI systems provide a more pleasant visual environment with which to work on the computer, which makes GUI a desirable feature for most end-users.
System Resources -- Graphical information, by nature, tends to be both larger and more complex than text-based information. The greater demands placed on a computer's resources by a graphical user interface accounts, in part, for the ever-increasing size of operating systems.
Control -- GUI systems provide the end-user with less control over the operating and file systems than a comparable CLI system. This pitfall, however, does not apply primarily to the average end-user, but rather to specialists.

Comparison of CLI v/s GUI

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