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Critical Thinking Project


ISR 100
Critical Thinking Project
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your skills as a reader, researcher, writer and critical thinker.
1. Create a Google document and title it "CriticalReadingProject.Name.Sec#"
2. From a World Wide Web source PREVIEW (to make sure that the article is good and appropriate for your purpose) and then select an article of at least three pages about a controversial topic that interests you.
3. Identify the problem addressed in your chosen article and the author's solution(s) and/or a possible potential solution (not necessarily suggested by the article - could be one of your own!) --Make a problem/solution map
4. Read and annotate your article.
5. Using your preferred method, outline, map or take notes on the article.
6. Write a summary of the article.
7. Write a one-page response to the article including an evaluation of it.
8. Present your selection to the class with a visual aide. (No more than 5 minutes.)
9. Turn in steps 1-7.

DUE: December 10 (Last day of semester)

Step 2--Resources for Finding an Article

JSTOR is a good place to start looking for journal articles. They are reputable. Click on this link:JSTOR

UNM ELibrary Link: http://elibrary.unm.edu/articles/databasesindexes.php?letter=A&verbose=
1. Choose "Academic Search Complete"
2. This will take you to the EBSCO Host search page

Step 3-Problem/Solution

Draw a problem/solution map

Step 6--Summary Instructions

1. Begin the summary with a sentence that includes the author's name, the title of the selection, and the main idea of the reading.

2. Using your hand written notes as a guide write your summary, focusing on the main ideas of the reading. In all, your summary will be 20-25% of the length of your original reading.

3. Write a concluding idea if there is one.

4. Reread your summary and add or delete material if necessary.

5. Make sure your summary is in your own words.

Step 7-Write a One Page Response Paper

One page response paper, double spaced. Should include the following information:
I. Introduction (Refer to Ch. 8)
A.Title, source, author
B. Issue/issue question explained
C.Author’s claim

II. Evaluate the support, Reasoning and Conclusions (refer to Ch.9)
A. Type of claim/reasons
B. Three examples of support
C. Author’s conclusion

III. Explanation of background/context (Ch.8-10_
A. Author’s motivation
B. Audience 10

IV. Make Inferences and Analyze Values and Beliefs (Refer to Ch.10)
A. Inferences (author’s values/beliefs)
B. Student’s personal beliefs
C. Agree/disagree
D.Support for own position 5

Step 8--Visual Aide

1. Create a power point on Google docs and share it with me: anita122478@gmail.com
2. Your power point presentation must contain the following information:
PowerPoint Requirements:
• Title Slide: Title or something of you choice that introduces your topic and your name.
• Each slide you add should have a heading
• The number of the rest of the slides is up to you as long fulfill the requirements below:
o You must have pictures or images (or maps) that relate to all the issues you addressed in your response paper.
o In total you should have at least 4 pictures or images (or maps)