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Syllabus Foods II

FDSII Fall Sem 2010

Sharon Meiggs, FACS M-9 smeiggs@camden.k12.nc.us 338 0811 ext 239
All dates subject to change due to weather, school events, etc. Tests and labs will be scheduled according to progress of class over material.

Entrepreneurship is a large part of this class and will be taught interwoven with the other areas.

Aug 25 Intro to Class
Aug 26 Intro to ServSafe and Entrepreneurship
Aug 27 Food Safety Issues(ServSafe)
Aug 30 Food Contaminants
Aug 31 Contaminants/Allergies
Sept 3 Entrepreneurship
Sept 7 Food Handlers Responsibilities
Sept 9 Purchasing and Receiving
Sept 16 Safe Food Preparation
Sept 21 Holding Food Safely
Sept 23 HACCP
Oct 16 Across Curriculum Project Due
Oct 19 Facility Sanitation
Oct 21 Facility Inspection Process
Nov. 12 Review ServSafe
Nov 16 ServSafe Test
Nov 9 Entrepreneurship
Dec 17 Food Work/Volunteer Experiences Due
Jan 4 Knife Skills
Jan 7 Garnishes
Jan 6 Cook at Home Project Due
Jan 15-22 Review and VOCATS Exam