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Current Events HW


Typing Practice: 20 minutes
Begin memorizing your speech (due 12/20)
Research a big story from Boston over the weekend and be ready to share during class tomorrow.

Typing Practice: 20 minutes
Begin memorizing your speech, have the 1st 1/2 of the introduction ready for tomorrow (due 12/20)
Bring computers tomorrow for another typed timed writing.

Typing Practice: 20 minutes
Begin memorizing your speech (due 12/20)

Typing Practice: 20 minutes
Begin memorizing your speech (due 12/20)

Typing Practice: 20 minutes
Begin memorizing your speech (due 12/20)


Typing Games: http://www.onlytypinggames.com/

Typing Tests: http://www.typingtest.com/


Five paragraphs (1 per photo) due tomorrow.

Rewrite motivational story paragraphs and print out for tomorrow.






Shelby, Star, Ethan, Elvira Current Event Presentations

Click on the discussion board for tonight's homework. Please watch both of these speakers and write a paragraph for EACH of them evaluating their performance. Paragraphs should be posted online. Tomorrow's class will be a timed writing so bring paper and pencil. You do not need a computer.

Talk to your writing workshop teacher about your timed writing and begin revising your draft. All parts due Friday, typed.

Continue brainstorming significant events in your life or in the lives of people close to you. Create metaphors to explain how these events altered your life or how you felt at that time.

Serena, Chloe & Elvira Current Event Presentations
Write your paragraphs for your motivational story- due Monday.


Complete Research Page #2
Complete the 7 paragraphs for conferences starting tomorrow- bring TWO copies

Bernie and Naomi
Finish Research page #3 and the 1st draft of your outline.

Finish the 2nd draft of your outline, due tomorrow.

Brainstorm and Outline for CC essay due tomorrow.
* Extra Credit
Participate in Operation Christmas Child for 5 extra credit points towards your test averages. Ask Ms. S for details on how to participate.

Speeches Due Monday
Final draft of outline and note cards due Monday.


Write a reflection paragraph on your timed writing today. What are some things that went well? What could have gone better? How will you improve for next time?

Study for the vocabulary quiz on the Autism article. Bring computers to class tomorrow.

Begin researching your topic and come with a narrow thesis statement at the beginning of tomorrow's class.

Complete your 1st research page on your mental disorder topic.


10/31 No School

11/1 No Homework

11/2 Write two questions you have about the movie "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein". Also write what you think the answers might be. We will discuss these in class tomorrow.

11/3 Finish the Nate Hill post (5 vocabulary words) and filling in the notes chart for the Modern Art Piece.

Read the top stories on Google News and take notes for a quiz on Monday.
Write 1 paragraph about how you think autistic people are treated by others in this country.
Study the Nate Hill words for a vocabulary quiz next Wednesday.


10/24 No HW

Write 2 paragraphs on the political cartoons of Gaddafi. http://www.theworld.org/2011/10/gaddafi-in-political-cartoons/
1st paragraph should be your personal reactions to these cartoons. 2nd paragraph should focus on if these cartoons are an accurate representation of Gaddafi as a leader.

Look up the words you posted yesterday. Minimum of 6 words from the articles yesterday. Write the definition from three sources: youdao, www.dictionary.com, and http://www.learnersdictionary.com/.

Once you have written the 3 definitions for each of your words, write 1 paragraph explaining the differences between the definitions and which dictionary is best to use for looking up English words.


Select three people for your introduction speech and post it on the discussion board.

Outline draft for your introduction speech due tomorrow, typed and printed out (before class).

Finish the 1st draft of your outline and print it out for tomorrow.

Finish the 2nd draft of your outline due tomorrow, printed out.

Write your note cards
Rehearse your speech for Monday at least 15 times and with a partner if possible.


10/11 Read at least two articles in English on the Coptic Church riots in Egypt. Be able to answer the following questions: What is a Coptic Christian? How are they different from other types of Christians? Why were they rioting? What groups are they in conflict with in Egypt?

Also- write two of your own questions about this subject.

Revise your Steve Jobs paragraphs and turn in BOTH drafts tomorrow. Talk to your writing teacher about the changes.

Study for the Columbus Day vocabulary quiz tomorrow and bring your computer to take the quiz.

Research the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in NYC and post your reaction to what is happening there in the discussion post. (At least 1 paragraph)

Iran Research - 3 sources within the last 6 months. For each source include notes for who, what, where, when, and why and your reaction (A few sentences to a paragraph).

This will be on your quiz on Monday.

Continue to read the top stories over the weekend and take notes for Monday's quiz.


10/3 Work on your final draft on the 1st Amendment and the Internet, due Wednesday

10/4 Work on your final draft on the 1st Amendment and the Internet, due Wednesday typed and printed out.

10/5 Read the discussion posts by other groups for World Events and take notes. There will be a short quiz tomorrow on these posts.

10/6 Write 1-2 paragraphs (hand written or typed and printed) explaining how Steve Jobs changed the world.

10/7 Read the top stories from Google News over the weekend. Take notes on a separate sheet of paper. There will be a quiz on Tuesday. Columbus Day vocabulary practice on Quia.

Extra credit: Read a Current Event from Monday, October 10th. Print out the article and write a 1 paragraph summary of the article. Turn in on Tuesday for 3 extra credit points towards a quiz.



2 Assignments

1. Post your question and answer to the Questions for 9/27 discussion.
2. Read the article attached to Freedom of Speech Reading 1. Write 2 paragraphs on a separate piece of paper with a proper heading. Paragraph 1 should answer question 1. Paragraph 2 should answer question 2. Each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences.

Write the outline and your first draft on a separate sheet of paper answering the following question:
Should the 1st Amendment protect content published on the Internet? Explain.

Pick a news article from Google News (in English). No student can pick the exact same article, but you can have an article on a similar topic. Post the link to our discussion board, then read it and write down three things the article taught you that you will share with the class tomorrow.

-Read the Google News top stories over the weekend and take notes. There will be an open note quiz on Monday.
- Continue to work on revising your essay; the final draft will be due on Wednesday 10/5, typed.

Quia: www.quia.com/web Class code:JPGJXE487