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French Projects

French course projects



Prepared for: Middle and High school students of French Language- 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.

Prepared by: Madame Hernandez

Date: September 1st, 2012

All these projects are worth a 100 points. Projects will be graded on creativity, neatness, correct grammar, and class presentation. For the class presentation you will need to present a summary of your paper to your teacher two weeks before the assigned presenattion date.

Projects must be completed by the due date. No excuses!

Be cuatious of your sources. You must include a list of sources used in preparing your project or your grade will be lowered a letter grade.

Plagiarism: copying and pasting from a website is NOT your own work! Write your own captions. Put information in your own words. If I find that you have used someone else's work as your own, it will be a zero on the project and I will discuss the situation with administration.

Please, do a careful work and enjoy it!

Grades 6 and 7:

Students could work individaully or in teams of no more than four members.

French Scavenger Hunt

How many things of French origin can you find in your community? Follow these steps and let the fun begin!

Look in supermarkets, libraries, newspapers, internet, and magazines. Put a check mark next to each item you find and tell where. Each item is worth 10 pts. For a total of 100 pts. Attach all of your findings to this paper.

- a picture of a French speaking person in history

- a signature from a French speaking person

- a news article about a country where people speak French

- the names and pictures of three famous French people, what they are famous for (example: TV personality, athlete, author, etc.)

- the name and address of an organization in the community that uses French (bonus pts. for a signature of someone who works there)

- a picture of a fruit that originally came from a Francophone country

- a picture of a vegetable that originally came from a Francophone country

- a postage stamp/copy of postage stamp from a Francophone country

- the name of two American states that have a French origin. A copy of a map highlighting their location

- a coin/monetary bill from France or Francophone country (or picture of one if you can not find a real one)

Extra credits: if you can find some antiques of a French origin.***


Students will divide the whole class into two teams. Each team will work with one of these two different projects.

Country Quilt

Design and create squares for a quilt. Depict places to go, things to do, monuments, famous people from that country (past or present), as well as products from the country. One square should have the name of the student(s) and the name of the country. You may stitch, draw/paint the quilt together. The individual squares may be drawn with marking pens or done in stitchery. Minimum 16 panels. Panels must be at least 6 x 6 inches.

You may only choose from the following Francophone countries or territories:

La France, Monaco, La Suisse, La Belgique, Le Luxembourg, La Corse, Le Canada, Le Québec, La Louisiane, L'Algérie, Le Sénégal, La Côte d'Ivoire, Le Congo, Le Vietnâm, Le Maroc.

Country in a...bag, sand bucket, box, etcetera

The outside: Choose a container for your own project. You may choose any container that suits your needs or the theme of your country. Be creative!

(for example: if your country is Le Quebec you might have a box in the shape of a maple leave) Decorate your container with details appropriate to the country. We should know somthing about the country by examining the outside.

The inside: In your container include a map of your country, five things you will pack if you were visiting there, a sample of the money (can be drawn or printed), five pictures of places to visit, five examples of things to do there, 5 souvenirs or products from that country, and 5 items that depict the country in some way.

* Remember to look at the list of countries suggested at the begining of your projects instructions.

Grades 9 and 10:

Students will present one project per semester. Work could be done individually or in pairs.

Francophone festival/holiday

Research a particular holiday or celebration that is important in a Francophone culture such as Bastille Day (France), any other independence day, Christmas, Easter, St Nicholas Day, and Poisson d'Avril. Tell what is being celebrated and what traditions are associated with the holiday or festival. Discuss similarities and differences to similar holidays/festivals in the United States. You may write a 2 page report incuding pictures or design a creative power point presentation. Include pictures of the events, decorations, etcetera.

Travel scrapbook

Make a scrapbook of your imaginary trip to a French speaking country, region, or city. Write a description for at least 6 places (giving interesting facts) and inlcude a minimum of 10 pictures. You must also include important cultural attractions. (for example: The Eiffel Tower). It is very importnat to tell a good story, but your pictures and information must be accurate!




Vos parents vous ont donné $4000.00 pour voyager dans un pays francophone pendant six semaines. Nous voulons savoir ce que vous avez fait, donc vous avez besoin de faire ce qui suit:

1) une page d'introduction

2) une table de matières

3) une liste des choses que vous avez mises dans votre valise

4) une copie de votre passeport

5) une carte du pays que vous avez visité avec des traits qui nous montrent ou vous avez voyage et qui enumere les villes que vous avez visitées.

6) écrivez une page qui inclut:

* le nom de votre agence de voyages

* avec qui vous avez voyagez et pourquoi

* dix villes que vous avez visitées

* dix moyens de transport que vous avez utilisés

* ou vous avez séjourné et ce que vous avez mangé

* cinq repas ethniques que vous avez mangés; décrivez-les

* vingt endroits que vous avez visités; decrivez les

* cinq souvenirs que vous avez achetés et pourquoi vous les avez choisis

* dix choses culturelles que vous avez apprises.

7) comment vous avez dépensé votre argent:

* transports, nouriture, souvenirs, hébergement (hotels), d'autres choses

N'oublie pas d'ajouter la bibliographie. Tout doit être tapé à l'ordinateur.

Merci et bon voyage!

Dates for discussions of French projects

Presentation of French projects:

Grade 6- Thursday, November 29th, 2012
Grade 7- Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Grade 8- Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
Grade 9- Friday, November 30th, 2012
Grade 10- Friday, November 30th, 2012
Grade 11- Friday, November 30th, 2012