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Gen Sci Mod 5


Module 5 - Archeology, Geology, Paleontology

OBJECTIVES: (What you are responsible to learn from this module)
1. Define life science, archaeology, geology, known age, dendrochronolgy, and The Principle of Superposition
2. List the three tests for a document claiming to be a historical work
3. Describe the characteristics and process of each of the three tests above
4. Describe the application of Aristotle's Dictum
5. Describe the process of dendrochronolgy
6. Differentiate between known age and absolute age
7. Reconcile the differences in the Biblical genealogies of Luke 3 and Matthew 1
8. Describe the results of the three tests of historical documents when applied to the Bible
9. Describe the application of The Principle of Superposition


The Exodus

Chariot Wheels Discovered in the Red Sea Take a look at the things archaeologist, Ron Wyatt, has discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea.