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Grade 5

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Welcome fifth graders and parents,

As-Salaamu-Alaykum and welcome to a brand new year of mathematics here at Tarbiyah School. My name is Sister MKemba and I am the math instructor for grades 4 thru 7 as well as the fifth grade homeroom teacher. I am excited and delighted to begin a new year. I pray the children are as well. It is my goal to not only feed their mathematical mind but to build their Islamic spirit. Each day we will discuss the various principles of math along with the principles of Islam. Between the two of us, I pray we are able to build well rounded spiritually grounded muslim youths. Anything I can do to help with the children becoming the best they can be, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than willing to help. Here's praying for a positive year, As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah.

Math: MKemba El-Shabazz
English: Kristin Legg
Social Studies: Keran Chaudhry
Science: Dr. Sara Tahir
Arabic: Aicha Elyamni
Ghufran Zeguan
Islamic Principles: Gulmakai Saleh
Quran: Sheikh Muhammad Ghanem
Art: Ladan Seraj

This year we will be using the McGraw Hill series of textbooks for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Your children will be coming home with their workbooks for different subjects. Homework will be posted on this page every week. Check the homework for different subjects. Please make sure that your homework is done and all books are returned by the due date.

All textbooks will be available on-line which is wonderful thing Alhamdulillah as those books are extremely heavy. Please click on the link for Textbook Online Access from the left menu.
Our Grading System will be as follows:

1. Trimester Exam= 35%
2. Classwork /participation= 05%
3. Homework= 25%
4. Behavior=10%
5. Weekly Test/Quiz= 25%

We have a strict policy concerning behavior and discipline, as the school policies require you to be well behaved, cooperative, and mannered towards each other and your teachers.

If any exceptions take place punishment will be as follows:

1. Verbal warning
2. Lunch detention, the student will spend his lunch period in with a teacher and after eating, write an essay regarding the behavior that is being adjusted.
3. Contact parents and school suspension consideration may follow.

Please adhere to school policies for your own benefits and future.

Sis. M.Kemba El-Shabazz
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