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Margaret Peterson Haddix: Found

Prologue and Chapter 1 (pgs. 1-20)

1.) Where did Angela DuPre work?

2.) How long had Angela been working there?

3.) Who was the character Monique?

4.) What would you describe her personality as?

5.) Describe what the cockpit of the plane looked like. What feeling(s) did this give Angela?

6.) Are Jonah and Chip related? Katherine and Jonah?

7.) What kind of feelings does Chip have for Katherine?

8.) Describe the story of "getting" Jonah. What kind of feelings do Katherine have?

9.) What is Jonah's nickname from Katherine?

10.) Describe what the letter looked and felt like.

11.) How many words were on the letter and what did they say?

Chapter's 2-3 (pgs. 21-35) WS

1.) What did Jonah think the letter was?

2.) What did Katherine say to Jonah's thought?

3.) What were the Skidmore's having for dinner?

4.) What was Mom's rule for eating?

5.) What did Chip get in the mail, as well as Jonah?

6.) Why was Chip so nervous?

7.) What did Chip learn about his family?

8.) How did Jonah react at first?

9.) Go through the parts of the book that we've read and find 1 idiom.

10.) Go through and find 1 simile or metaphor. Explain the difference between the 2.