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Chapter 3

Computer Hardware Chapter 3

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. A ____ is the most complicated component in a computer.
a. video card c. motherboard
b. sound card d. modem

____ 2. The ____ and the chipset determine which processors a board can support.
a. processor socket c. processor brand
b. processor chip d. peripheral interface

____ 3. Earlier Pentiums used a ____ socket, with pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket.
a. ball grid array c. pin socket array
b. differential grid array d. pin grid array

____ 4. Later sockets used a ____, with pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.
a. vertical pin grid array c. staggered pin grid array
b. keyed pin grid array d. linear pin grid array

____ 5. The ____ have a lever that is used to lift the processor up and out of the socket.
a. minimal insertion force sockets c. zero effort sockets
b. zero insertion force sockets d. zero tolerance sockets

____ 6. The fast end of hub in the Intel i800 series chipsets, which contains the graphics and memory controller, connects to the system bus and is called the hub’s ____.
a. North Bridge c. Middle Bridge
b. South Bridge d. North Gate

____ 7. The slower end of the hub in the Intel i800 chipsets, called the ____, contains the I/O controller hub.
a. North Bridge c. South Hub
b. North Gate d. South Bridge

____ 8. Throughput is sometimes called ____.
a. speed c. bandwidth
b. capacity d. expandability

____ 9. ____ buses have been improved several times; there are currently three major categories and within each category, several variations of the bus.
a. AGP c. ISA
b. Express d. PCI

____ 10. A(n) ____ boot involves turning on the power with the on/off switch.
a. hard c. soft
b. warm d. absolute

____ 11. At the beginning of the boot drive (usually drive C) is the OS ____ record.
a. loop c. strap
b. boot d. master

____ 12. For Windows XP, Ntldr is responsible for loading the OS, and is, therefore, called the ____.
a. link loader program c. boot interface program
b. partition management program d. boot loader program

____ 13. The process of upgrading or refreshing the ROM BIOS chip is called ____ BIOS.
a. flashing c. refurbishing
b. flushing d. cloning

____ 14. Some cases have ____, also called spacers, which are round plastic or metal pegs that separate the motherboard from the case, so that components on the back of the motherboard do not touch the case.
a. picks c. standoffs
b. clubs d. columns

____ 15. With any installation, remember the importance of using a ground strap (ground bracelet) to ground yourself when working inside a computer case to protect components against ____.
a. EDS c. NSD
b. ESD d. ASD

____ 16. On the motherboard, the ____ controls power to the motherboard and must be connected for the PC to power up.
a. Reset c. Speaker
b. Power SW d. Power P1

____ 17. Sometimes documentation marks pin 1 as a ____ pin in the diagram, rather than round like the other pins.
a. triangle c. post
b. key d. square

____ 18. The ____ menu in BIOS setup allows you to configure automatic power-saving features for your system, such as suspend mode or a sleep state.
a. power c. boot
b. peripheral d. general

____ 19. Most likely when you first install a hard drive or an operating system, you will want to have the BIOS attempt to first boot from a ____.
a. CD c. floppy drive
b. hard drive d. USB drive

____ 20. Access to a computer can be controlled using a ____ password.
a. generic c. startup
b. general d. recover

____ 21. The most reliable way to restore settings is to keep a written record of all the changes you make to ____.


Match each term with the correct statement below.
a. LGA775 or Socket T f. Socket 478
b. F2 or F1 g. Del
c. LGA1366 or Socket B h. LGA771 or Socket J
d. Socket 423 i. Ctrl+Alt+Enter
e. boot sequence

____ 22. Has 1366 pins that touch pads on the processor

____ 23. Has 771 pins that touch pads on the processor

____ 24. Has 775 lands or pads

____ 25. Uses a dense micro PGA (mPGA)

____ 26. Has a 39 x 39 SPGA grid

____ 27. Key(s) to press during the boot process to access the AMI BIOS

____ 28. Key(s) to press during the boot process to access the Newer Phoenix BIOS

____ 29. Key(s) to press during the boot process to access the Dell computers using Phoenix BIOS

____ 30. The order in which the system tries to boot from certain device.