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Module 16 - The Nervous System

Further Your Knowledge

The nervous system - from BBC Bitesize Science

Here is an entire page of nervous system resources - online quizzes, labeling games, videos, etc. (Sorry - subscription now required. [March 2015])

An animation that goes into a bit more detail on how we hear.

A brief animation on how a nerve signal is transmitted across a synapse.

A 28 minute video on the brain from the University of Washington. It's aimed at students, so it's easy to understand.

Also from the University of Washington - more information about the brain and neuroscience collected in one place than you every though possible!

Your brain by the numbers from Scientific American

Want to watch someone dissect a brain?

The 360 degree brain. - Get an up-close look at a preserved human brain.

Want to do some virtual deep brain stimulation surgery?

A jigsaw puzzle of the eye

A jigsaw puzzle of a neuron

A vegetative patient is able to communicate via brain activity

What does sleep do for your brain?

A 24-year old woman was found to have no cerebellum


Bill Nye on the eye.

Brain freeze!

Here is a fun and easy touch experiment:

How do pain relievers work?

How are we able to smell?

Why does you leg feel tingly after it "falls asleep"?

How many smells can we smell?

Five weird body behaviors explained.

Can you erase bad memories?

Just for fun - the five senses in space:
1. Hearing

2. Sight

3. Taste

4. Smell

5. Touch


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