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Module 16 - The Nervous System

Further Your Knowledge

The nervous system - from BBC Bitesize Science

Here is an entire page of nervous system resources - online quizzes, labeling games, videos, etc. (Sorry - subscription now required. [March 2015])

An animation that goes into a bit more detail on how we hear.

A brief animation on how a nerve signal is transmitted across a synapse.

A 28 minute video on the brain from the University of Washington. It's aimed at students, so it's easy to understand.

Also from the University of Washington - more information about the brain and neuroscience collected in one place than you every though possible!

Your brain by the numbers from Scientific American

Want to watch someone dissect a brain?

The 360 degree brain. - Get an up-close look at a preserved human brain.

Want to do some virtual deep brain stimulation surgery?

A jigsaw puzzle of the eye

A jigsaw puzzle of a neuron

A vegetative patient is able to communicate via brain activity

What does sleep do for your brain?


Bill Nye on the eye.

Brain freeze!

Here is a fun and easy touch experiment:

How do pain relievers work?

How are we able to smell?

Just for fun - the five senses in space:
1. Hearing

2. Sight

3. Taste

4. Smell

5. Touch


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