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Engrade quizzes lets you easily give students in your classes online multiple choice quizzes that are automatically scored and can be graded in your gradebook with a single click.

1. Creating a Quiz

First, you'll need to create a quiz. To do this:

1) Hover your mouse over the Apps link in the blue nav bar at the top of the page.

2) Click Quizzes.

3) Click Create New Quiz and select your settings.

Once you've done this your quiz will be created and you can begin adding questions by clicking Add New Question on the following page. For each question, enter the question text, the options for multiple choice answers, select which answer is correct, then enter a point value for the question.

2. Assigning a Quiz to a Class

Once you've built your quiz, you can assign it to a class (or classes). To do this, click the Assign to Classes button and select the appropriate classes.

Note that once you assign a quiz to class, the quiz version is "frozen" for that class. Any later changes you make to the quiz will not apply to that class's version.

Assigning the quiz to a class will display that quiz under the Quizzes tab for that class in both your and your students' accounts.

You must be a Teacher in order to assign a quiz. If you are an admin you currently do not have the ability to attach quizzes to a class. You must create and attach a quiz through your teacher account.

3. Students Taking a Quiz

When students log in to Engrade, they can take a quiz by:

1) Clicking on the class name.

2) Clicking the Quizzes link on the left side.

3) Following the instructions to complete the quiz.

Upon completion, students will be shown their overall score (but not specific answers) and the score will be saved to your account. You can see students' scores in real time as they come in by clicking Quizzes within the gradebook and selecting the quiz.

4. Closing a Quiz

Once the quiz-taking period is over, you can click Close Quiz to prevent late students from taking the quiz.

Closing the quiz will also enable the Save to Gradebook button which you can click to save students' scores as an assignment in the gradebook.

5. Sharing a Quiz

Teachers can share a quiz with other teachers. To give access and share a quiz:

1) Hover over the settings wheel to the right of your quiz.

2) Select Add User(s).

3) Enter the username of the teacher(s). Choose the permissions.
- Moderator: Full editing, ability to add users
- Edit: Full editing, not able to add new users
- View: No editing abilities, view only

4) Click Add User.