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The next stage of MDP focuses on Design Development: A3 Drawing Board, Technical equipment, pens, pencils, coloured pencils etc.

Discuss the various communication methods and highlight what type of audience would be suitable for each method.

• Discuss communication techniques for concept sketches
• Use samples and previous work and discuss strengths and disadvantages

a) Freehand drawings (2D & 3D), annotating drawings
b) Hidden detail and sectional views
c) Exploded drawings, sub assemblies
d) Use of Anthropometric Data discuss and explain its importance.
e) Ergonomics
f) Use of colour
g) CAD application
h) Scaled model


The folio is an essential communication tool for you to communicate to the examiners the process involved in the design and producing stages.

Graphics are an effective way of conveying meaning. The Design and Technology folio should use a wide variety of graphics: for example concept sketches, charts and graphs, digital images, technical drawings.

Your folio must have:
1. All freehand drawing that provide initial detail of your idea. Your design development ideas (freehand or possibly working drawings) these may include one or some of the following use of anthropometric data, ergonomics, design detail, joining methods etc. It is important that you use colour and ample evaluations to show your ideas.

2. A rendered pictorial presentation drawing of selected design.

3. Detailed drawing in Orthogonal projection where applicable. This should be dimensioned and drawn to Australian Standards using traditional techniques or CAD.

Rules for the structure of Australian Standards for drafting.