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Section 1 - Identification and exploration of the need
The first step to developing you design folio (Major Design Project) is to develop and identify the need or purpose of your project.

Use these questions to help you:
Why was the project developed?
Who is it intended for?
Where will it be used?
What specific needs will it meet?

You need to identify something that is innovative for your Major Design Project. It needs to be creative and different to what could be purchased in a shop.

For example if you built a bed, you would identify the need and consider the possibility of making furniture for when you left home. How could you design the bed so that it could be easily moved and transported?

Section 2 - Areas of investigation
The focus of this task is to investigate design factors, which will require you to do research. For example in creating the car bumper bar you would have needed to focus on the safety angle.

Your research that you would conduct is to ring up associations that would provide you with guidelines, specification and data that will inform your design ideas.

This research will also need to be recorded:
• Company name
• Contact details
• Time of contact
• Type of contact; visit, interview or phone call
• A summary of the discussion
• Conclusion and evaluation of how this will affect your design.

Section 3 - Criteria to evaluate success
The question that you need to answer throughout your project is what will make your project successful? You will have both factors that are CONSIDERATIONS and those with CONSTRAINTS.

Use these factors to outline you design idea:
• Appropriateness of the design solution
• Needs
• Safety
• Needs
• Function
• Aesthetics
• Finance
• Ergonomics
• Occupational, health and safety
• Quality
• Short-term and long-term environmental consequences
• Obsolescence
• Life cycle analysis