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Dress-ups: (and examples)

-ly adverb: He vehemently(ly) denied all of the accusations.

who/which clause: My cat, which(ww) was a stray, had kittens in June.

quality adjective: Her singing was melodious(qa).

strong verb: The fireman extricated(sv) himself from the fallen debris.

adverbial clause: I was enraptured by the song until(ac) I understood the lyrics.

Sentence Openers


#1 Subject: Sentence begins with the subject of the sentence.
(1)My sandwich tastes rotten because I left it in the hot car.

#2 Prepositional: The first word in the sentence is a preposition.
(2)After being in the sun, my sandwich tastes rotten.

#3 -ly: The first word in the sentence is an -LY adverb.
(3)Unfortunately, my sandwich tastes rotten.

#4 ING: The first word in the sentence is an ING verb. (A participial phrase.)
(4)Sitting in the hot car all morning, my sandwich tastes rotten.

#5 Clausal: The first word in the sentence is a clausal starter (when, while, where, as, since, if, although, whereas, unless, because)
(5)Although I generally love liverwurst, my sandwich tastes rotten today.

#6 V.S.S (very short sentence): 2-5 words, must have a verb.
(6)My sandwich rotted!



Simile/Metaphor: Comparison of two different things for the purpose of imagery. A simile uses the words "like" or "as." A metaphor says one thing IS the other.
He looked like a Greek god.

Question:How in the world would he get out of this mess?

3sss: Three short staccato sentences. (Three very sentences in a row with fewer than 5 words.) I came. I saw. I conquered.

Quotation: In the words of author Jane Williams, "Embrace your own ridiculousness."

Alliteration: Three or more of the same initial sound in a row.
The young woman took a stroll along the beach, sincerely seeking satisfying solitude.