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Implied Main Idea

What is Implied Main Idea

Implied Main Ideas help you understand the meaning of a passage or story. Without supporting details, you cannot determine the implied main idea.

It is important to remember that to find implied main ideas, it helps to decide the topic first. Once you know the topic, which is sometimes given in the title of the passage you are reading, it then helps to look at all the details to determine what those supporting details reference or talk about.

Implied Main Idea PowerPoint

To learn more about Implied Main Idea, go to the calendar on 2/7. There, you will find a PowerPoint on implied main idea. It is very important that you take the time to read and understand each slide on the PowerPoint. Your assignment can be found there.

Implied Main Idea Practice

Practice Implied Main Idea by going to the website below. The practice is for your benefit. It will help you assess your understanding of implied main idea.

Main Idea Online Practice