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Jenney's First Year Latin - Unit 1

Homeschool and Jenney's Latin

So did you have great plans this year to teach Latin in your homeschool this year? You found a great book at a good price with rave reviews - Jenney's First Year Latin. Then the bottom of all your plans fell out when you found out how much it costs to buy, if you can find one, the rare teacher's edition. Now what? HELP!

Don't despair! You can do it! I'm going to and here's how. Just read on and - Humulus ei! (That's hop to it, I think! I'm still learning.)

Included here are my first week of lesson plans with ideas for other weeks. Look back often for more links, helpful ideas and plans! I plan to share all my lesson planning for the year as time permits.


Rident stolidi verba Latina.
Fools laugh at the Latin language.
--- Ovid

Why Learn Latin?

First Chapter Lesson Plans

Day 1: Watch YouTube videos together about numbers, alphabet, nouns. Look over together "Why Study Latin?" on pp. xiii - xv in text.
Day 2: Read over together "Making the Pieces Fit" on pp. xvi - xviii
Day 3: Repeat YouTube videos on numbers, alphabet, and nouns. Read together "Proper Speech Patterns" on pp. xix - xxiv.
Day 4: no class
Day 5: Read pp. 1 - 5. Watch YouTube video "Learning Latin with Virgil I" on TuTubus Latinus's channel.

Next week: Workbook, Vocabulary, and Practice Exercises!

My plans will alternate between a week of book learning with YouTube videos to "hear Latin" and a week of "book work" using our workbooks, practice exercises from the text, and online games from Quizlet.

Find More Information:

I have compiled a list of other good videos and links to free Latin resources at Squidoo: