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'LEAN ON ME' Scenes

'Lean on Me' scenes

Think about what popular, up-to-date songs you would use for the following scenes from the movie. (Remember to tell why and use lyrics from the song you're suggesting):

1. When EHS went down hill between 1967 and 1987. Song used, "Welcome to the Jungle".

2. When Joe Clark put the boys out of the cafeteria for not knowing the Alma Mater, some students sang, "Hit the Road, Jack" (by Ray Charles).

3. The chorus was singing "Glorious is Thy Name" when Mr. Clark walked into the chorus room to tell the Vocal Music Teacher he wanted everyone to learn the Alma Mater in English and Spanish.

4. Students were very distracted (spit balls, Hustler magazine), and frustrated because they were not successful in school and couldn't perform well on the "practice test" they were given. "I ain't Makin' It" was used.

5. The young girl was crying because she stated her mother didn't want her any more. The principal and vice principal went home with her to find out what the problem was. The mom felt hopeless because she realized she hated herself, didn't have her life 'together' and in turn didn't want to be a bad example for her daughter.

6. The 4 young men were singing & 'beat boxing' while walking through the school halls, on the way to the rest room to 'hang out'.

7. A song was used that said, "...Everybody is somebody...Nobody is nobody..." (this was used, I'm sure, because students were rebounding from low self esteem). It also spoke of poverty.


a) What song would you use for Mrs. Barrett (the trouble maker)? Why?
b) Why do they sing "Lean on Me" at the pep talk they received in the auditorium, right before the real test was taken?
c) The movie was named after the song, "Lean on Me" (by Bill Withers). Do you think it's a fitting title? Why? Why not? What song might you have used?
d) What did you notice about Joe Clark's vocabulary?