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Dec14th 2010

Aim: Living Factories: Fermentation in Yeasts

Glucose + oxygen (enzymes/ mitochondria) carbon dioxide + water + energy

Aerobic = with oxygen

Respiration = breakdown glucose to get energy!

Energy = ATP!

Glucose + oxygen (enzymes / mitochondria)  carbon dioxide (CO2) + Water (H2O) + ATP (energy)

Anaerobic Respiration Quiz Name:______________

1. What is the difference between the term anaerobic and aerobic?

2. Write out the equation for anaerobic respiration:

___________  _______________ + ______________

3. What does lactic acid in the muscles cause you to feel like?

Anaerobic Respiration Quicktest (yesterday)

1. Anaerobic Respiration is the breakdown of sugar without oxygen.
2. Lactic Acid is produced when glucose is broken down without oxygen.
3. When Lactic acid builds up in your muscles you feel sore and fatigue (tired)
4. Breathe rapidly to take in more oxygen to breakdown lactic acid.
5. Pulse rate and heart rate DECREASES if you exercise regularly.
6. Recovery time is the amount of time it takes for a person to get back to normal pulse and breathing rate.
7. Training decreases recovery time
8. Training decrease resting heart beat rate.