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Medieval Newspaper Project

Assignment Directions

Quarter 2 Project- Medieval Newspaper
Students will create a newspaper of the important event that occurred during the Medieval Times. Students will have the option to choose to work or to work in a group of 2 or 3, (no exceptions). All students must make a decision on if they are working alone or if they are working in a group by January 5th.

The events to be covered includes:
*The Crusades *The Black Death *Magna Carta
*The Inquisition *Feudal Life *The Great Schism
* Islam in Spain *Hundred Year’s War *Trade Routes

Students working individually must cover 5 events, students working in pairs must cover 7 events, students working in a group of 3 must cover all 9 events.

Newspaper must include
*News articles (number depends on size of group) about the events listed above

*Pictures along with each article. Pictures can be drawn illustrations, computer-generated or from the internet. Any pictures taken from the internet must be cited and include the name of website.

*Editorials- Each reporter must write at least one editorial based on one of the articles written. An editorial is a writer’s personal opinion on a particular topic. *Editorials
would not have been allowed in Medieval Times but are common today.

*Reflection- Each student must write a ½ page reflection paper explaining your experience during the project. What did you enjoy? What was stressful? Did you have any troubles along the way?

For Groups Only:

In addition to the regular Reflection, group members must also include a section on division of labor. Who did what? Was the labor evenly divided?

Due Date: Wednesday, January 19th

Goal: To help students understand how intertwined and interconnected the government and religious institutions were during the Medieval Ages.

Role: Students will take on the role of a newspaper reporter. In a end of the era
article, students will be asked to evaluate which of the following events
were most influential during Medieval Times. In determining influence,
students will analyze the event's importance in terms of how the following
were causes of politics, economics, and social change during the Medieval

A) The Crusades, B) The Black Death, C) Magna Carta, D) The Inquisition, E)
Feudal Life, F) The Great Schism, G) Islam in Spain, H) Hundred Years' War, I) Trade

Audience: Society of the Medieval Period.

Situation: To convince the members of their class that their top 5 are the most
influential causes of change.

Product: A newspaper article prioritizing the top 5 events they feel are the most
influential and explaining the reasons for their choices.

 Students must reference the positive and/or negative effects of the interactions of government and religious institution
 Presentation, can be done as a whole class, or as small presentations around the room(teacher decision)
 Students will be graded on a modified CAPT interdisciplinary rubric.