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The Street That Got Mislaid


Before Reading
1. How are taxes assessed and collected?
2. How would your parents feel if they didn’t have to pay taxes.

During Reading
3. What kind of man is Marc Girondin? What clues
are there in the story to help us decide on his character traits?

See ResourceLines 7/8, Get to Know the Characters, p. 50.

4. Why are his files are so important.

Post/After Reading
5. Were you surprised with the ending? How does his decision at the
end of the story differ from the picture we had of Marc in During Reading?
6. What would you do in Marc’s place.
7. Examine the main character. What kind of person is he? Answer with direct quotes from the story. How does he feel when he first finds the street? What decision does he make? Why do
you think he makes this decision? What would you do if this happened to
See ResourceLines 7/8, The KWL Plan, p. 21, and Student Activity Master - Characterization.

8. What is Marc Girondin’s job? In what department does he work?
9. What was the importance of “his files”?
10. What happened one day to shock him?
11. What does he decide to do about it?
12. How does he find Green Bottle Street?
13. What does he learn about this little community?
14. What decisions does he make at the end of the story?

15. Notice that a description of the main character is never given
in the story, and yet, we feel as if we know all about him. Explain
the style that the author has used to create this effect.

See ResourceLines7/8, Explore the Writer’s Toolbox, p. 54; and Generic Assessment
Master #5—Reading a Short Story: Observation Checklist.


16. Write a description of Marc Girondin’s character.

Student Activity Master - Characterization will help identify character
traits and collect supporting evidence for your observations.

At a Glance

Author: Langston Hughes
First Published: 1958
Type of Plot: Sketch
Time of Work: The 1950's
Setting: An American city
Principal Characters: Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, Roger