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Magazine Cover


Create a magazine cover that is about you. Choose one word that describes you for the title of the publication. The title must be pre-approved. Be sure to follow all of the requirements listed below. Be creative and make the finished product look as professional as possible. The goal is for someone to choose your magazine over others based only on what they see and read on the front cover.


Steps (100 pts.)

SAVE AS: magazine cover_yourname

1. Storyboard = plan out your design on paper FIRST before beginning your magazine cover. MUST BE PRE-APPROVED! (10 pts.)

2. Layout = .5 inch margins or 8x10.5" canvas size.

3. Appropriate magazine title that describes who you are; use special effects, color, etc. to design a creative title. (10 pts) - No one person can use the same title so choose one early and let me know.

4. At least four article teasers all about your life (tell me something I don't already know about you - your likes, hopes, dreams, etc.) These teasers should be in different areas in your publication. (20 pts.)

5. Picture of self is used on background, appropriately cropped, high quality, photoshopped, and matching overall theme. (20pts.)

6. At least four other small pictures (cropped, high quality, photo-edited, etc.). Pictures could be pets, friends, family members with captions and page numbers. (20 pts)

7. Issue date, bar code, and price are conveniently located on publication. (10 pts.)

8. Grammar & Spelling!!! (-5 pt. per error)

9. Overall professional appearance (10 pts.)

10. Turned in by due date & time (Late = -20 pts.) - 12:00 p.m. day of the final

Turn in as a .png or .jpg image saved as magazine cover_yourname. You do not have to write a description.