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Solving Linear Equation

Solving Linear Equations

How do we solve two-step equation?

AIM: How do we solve two-step equations?

A.A.5 Write algebraic equations or inequalities that represent a situation.
A.A.6 Analyze and solve verbal problems whose solution requires solving a linear equation in one variable or linear inequality in one variable.

Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to solve a two-step equation using properties of equality with 80% accuracy.

Do Now (5 min.):
Solve each equation and tell which property of equality you used.
1. x-5=14 2. x+3.8=9 3. -7+x=7
4. x-13=20 5. 9=3x

Hand-out, color papers, markers, color pencils and Integrated Algebra pp. 119-121.

1. Students will begin the Do Now activity. They will get (5 minutes) to do the activity alone and call one or two students to present and discuss the results to the whole class.

2. Introduce by discussing the concept of solving two-step equations by defining a two-step equation. And some keywords that students must remember. (10 minutes)

A solution of an equation is the value (or values) of the variable that makes the equation true. To find a solution, students can you the properties of equality to form equivalent equations. One way to find the solution is to get the variable alone on one side of the equal sign.

Equivalent equations are equations that have the same solution (or solutions).

A one-step equation involves one fundamental operation such as in the do now activity.

A two-step equation involves two operations.
3. Provide examples such as Solving a Two-step Equation
Solve 10=
10-2= -2 Subtract 2 from each side
8= Simplify
Multiply each side by 4

4. Provide word problem example from the activity sheet when necessary.

5. Student-Centered Activity (activity sheet attached: Answer 1-15 and write your solutions on separate papers, must be collected) and must work in Pairs or in groups (20 minutes). Distribute the worksheets and Facilitate student works. Admonish disruptive students and write down their names.

6. After the activity two students will discuss some results of the activity on the board or on the OHP for (5 minutes).

7. Students will end-up with a closure activity either by writing journal/activity or whole group discussions and reflections of the Activity (5 minutes).

8. Students will be given an assignment to further their understanding of the concepts.

Differentiated Instruction:
AL: Ask students to determine whether they will get the same answer to the equation in Example 1 if they first multiply each side by -4, and then subtract 8.

ELL: Verify that students understand the meaning of inverse operation and ask to name each operation that they want to undo and give the inverse operation that will undo it.

Ask: What order of operations should you use to solve two-step equations?

Homework: (Spiral)
Answer numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 page 122 Integrated Algebra Textbook
Word Problems numbers 21, 23 page 122 Integrated Algebra Textbook

The results or solutions of the student activity must be collected and will be graded according to the 3-point rubrics.