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5th Science

5th Grade Science
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Biomes quiz
1. A BIOME us a large group of ecosystems that have similar characteristics.
2. Which biome are you probably in if all you see are conifer trees (pines, firs,etc.)?
3. What is the driest biome? DESERT
4. What is the coldest biome? TUNDRA
5. The GRASSLAND biome has two types of regions, praires and savanna.
6. What biome recieves the most rainfall? TROPICAL RAIN FOREST
7. What biome is the eastern United States? TEMPERATE FOREST
8. What continent has the largest savanna? AFRICA
9. All tundra biomes are located close to the ARCTIC Circle.
10. Which biome has the most plants and animals? TROPICAL RAIN FOREST.

Ch. 2 quiz

5th Science Chapter 2 Monday, Sept. 27 Name/Teacher __________________________________

1. Look at the picture on Promethean Board.
Which statement best compares how these organisms obtain energy?
F The tree, grass, and flower make food, and the deer and bird must eat food.
G The deer and bird make food, and the tree, grass, and flower must eat food.
H The deer, flower, bird, grass, and tree must make food.
J The deer, flower, bird, grass, and tree must eat food.

2. Which of these is a primary consumer?
A. a rabbit
B. a cactus
C. an owl
D. a tiger

3. Which process produces food for plants and gives off oxygen?
A. burning
B. photosynthesis
C. respiration
D. transpiration

4. What is the source of all food energy on Earth?
A. decomposers
B. herbivores
C. carnivores
D. producers

5. Name one adaptation of an animal living in a tunda __________________________________________________________

Biome climate community desert ecosystem food chain food web grasslands population taiga temperate forest tropical rain forest tundra

6. The flow of energy from producer to first-level consumer to second-level consumer can be shown using a simple _________ ________.
7. Zebras are an example of a _____________ of living things in an ecosystem.
8. Different populations of living things found in the same area at the same time form a _________________.
9. Temperature and precipitation over a period of time determine the __________ of an area.
10. The ______________ biome has long, severe winters and short, cool summers.
11. A __________________ includes living and nonliving things interacting together.
12. Ecosystems with similar climate and vegetation make up a ____________.
13. A __________ ________ shows overlapping food chains in an ecosystem.
14. Praires and savannas are the two types of __________________.
15. __________________ has a layer of frozen ground called permafrost.

16. If plants and animals die without being eaten, organisms called ____________ will break down the remains.
a. decompressors
b. decaffeinated
c. delicious
d. decomposers
17. How many land biomes does Earth have? ______
18. The most important difference between biomes is _____________.
19. Which organism obtains energy in the same way as a tree?
A. Lizard
B. field mouse
C. jackrabbit
D. grass