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MS Excel Chapter 3 Exam

Part 1

You may use your textbook or computer to help answer the questions on the test.

Click on the link below to complete Part 1 of the test.
When you finish the test click the button at the bottom that says
"Grade and Submit " or "Start Over".
When you press the Grade and Submit button your test will be automatically graded and
your results will be displayed.
A copy of the test and the results will be e-mailed to your instructor.
Only submit the test one time.
After you have submitted your test you want to print the grade page for your records.
Then you can go back to the flaglertechnicalcenter.pbworks page and completed Part 2 A and B of the test.
If you have any questions or problems please email your instuctor as soon as possible.

Click on the link below this line to start Part One of the test.

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