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Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes Nomenclature


C.13.1. Explain how the bonding characteristics of carbon lead to a large variety of structures ranging from simple hydrocarbons to complex polymers and biological molecules.

Essential Questions:

What is a bonding characteristics?
What is meant by variety of structures?
How is carbon related to complex polymers?


Students will be able to describe the nature of the bonds formed by carbon in alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and aromatic compounds, and cyclic compounds.
Students will be able to review ionic and covalent bondings, respectively.


Using Key Terms: page 704; #s. 1-10

Write the structural formulas of the following: ethane, ethene, ethyne, methyl. ethyl, and propyl.

Guided Practice:

01. Sample Problem A; page 690-691; Practice; 1a - 1d
02. Sample Problem B; page 692; Practice; 1a - 1d
02. Section Review: page 686; #s. 1 - 8
Sample Problem C; page 694; Practice;page 695; 1 - 4
Critical Thinking; page 686; #s. 9 - 15

Independent Practice:

Chapter Review; page 704; 11 - 19, 48, 65
Concept Mapping; page 707, # 64
Review Handout as enclosed.