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Module 13 - The Digestive System

OBJECTIVES: (Things you are responsible to learn from this module)

1. Define digestion and vitamin
2. Differentiate between ingestion and digestion
3. Differentiate between physical (mechanical) digestion and chemical digestion
4. Name the major parts of the digestive tract (alimentary canal) in order
5. Differentiate between the digestive system and the digestive tract
6. Identify the major parts of the digestive system (organs and accessory organs) on a anatomical diagram
7. Name the primary function(s) of each digestive organ
8. Explain the function of the epiglottis
9. Name the digestive organs that are not part of the digestive tract (sometimes called the accessory organs).
10. Differentitate between fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins
11. List the fat-soluble vitamins
12. List the water-soluble vitamins
13. Name the vitamins that can be absorbed without food
14. Name the vitamins that can build up to toxic levels in the body



*Organs of Digestion - an excellent animation of the process of digestion. Want the 2 minute concise overview - this is it!
Your Digestive System - a straight forward descriptive trip through the digestive system from KidsHealth.
You Gross and Cool Body from Discovery Kids.
Label the Digestive System - an interactive "click and drag" activity to test your knowledge on the parts of the digestive system.
Digestive Organs Quiz 1 - test your knowledge about the functions of various digestive organs with this interactive quiz.
Digestive Organs Quiz 2 - if you did well on Quiz 1 above, see how you do on this advanced quiz.
Interesting Facts about the Digetive System Match - try out this interactive matching game to learn some interesting digestive system facts.

Required Videos

You guys are not old enough for the required colonoscopy although many of your parents are.
I find it fascinating we can even do and see this.