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Module 5- The Hydrosphere

OBJECTIVES: (Things you are responsible to learn from this module)

1. Define transpiration, condensation, residence time, percolation and adiabatic cooling
2. Identify the largest sources of water, saltwater, freshwater, and liquid freshwater
3. Name the processes of the hydrological cycle
4. Differentiate between water sources and the hydrological cycle processes
5. Compare residence time of various water sources
6. Explain how the ocean's salinity could determine the age of the earth
7. Differentiate between the formation and content of sea ice and icebergs
8. Explain how glaciers are formed
9. Explain how the water table depth is affected by changes in precipitation
10. Explain the features and processes of a freshwater lake becoming a saltwater lake
11. Explain (thoroughly) the process of adiabatic cooling
12. Explain the effects of the compression of a gas
13. Explain the difficulty in locating the source of water pollution


Lots of useful vocabulary for this module! Practice the regular flashcards and then try the multiple choice option for best results.


Earth Revealed: Groundwater from the Annenburg Media (30 minutes) -Scroll down and click on "VoD" (Video on Demand) #21 - Groundwater. It will open a new mini-window for you to view the episode. "Approximately three-quarters of Earth’s surface is covered by water. But most fresh water comes from underground. Topics of this program include aquifers, rock porosity and permeability, artesian wells, the water table, cave formation, sinkholes, and how groundwater may become contaminated."
Groundwater and Wells - at the U.S. Geological Survey. A short article with images about water levels in different types of wells
BrainPOP movie: Groundwater - animated movie lesson and quiz about groundwater

Salty Seas: Evidence for a Young Earth

Water Cycle
The Water Cycle (Hydrological Cycle) - a nice animation of all the parts of the water cycle. Be sure to take the quiz!
Summary of the Water Cycle - a long but very thorough summary of the water cycle from the USGS (US Geological Survey).

Icebergs ~ Everything you want to know about icebergs. A really impressive, but not overwhelming site. Lots of pictures and some videos of icebergs around the world. Be sure to watch the video of the iceberg collapsing. Do you know the difference between a "bergy bit" and a "growler"?
BrainPOP movie: Glaciers - animated cartoon movie and quiz about glaciers

The Great Work of God: Rain ~ A short Thanksgiving meditation by John Piper (you will receive a copy of this in class and we will read it together)
States of Matter - a nice animation about the three main states of matter on a molecular level if you need a review

Required Videos

Clip from Earth: The Biography from National Geography about glaciers (3 minutes)