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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Study Guide

Network Fundamentals Chapter 13

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. An administrator should take the time to troubleshoot all network problems correctly by asking specific questions designed to identify the problem ____.
a. intensity c. scope
b. background d. focus

____ 2. ____ are often considered first-level support.
a. Help desk coordinators c. Administrators
b. Help desk analysts d. Network specialists

____ 3. ____ are often considered third-level support.
a. Help desk coordinators c. Administrators
b. Help desk analysts d. Technical specialists

____ 4. ____ is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking at how a problem solution might affect users and network functionality.
a. Cost c. Scalability
b. Scope d. Security

____ 5. A ____ is a document (preferably online) that lists every service and software package supported within an organization, plus the names of first- and second-level support contacts for those services or software packages.
a. call tracking list c. supported services list
b. help desk program list d. change management list

____ 6. In a ____ cable, the transmit and receive wire pairs in one of the connectors are reversed.
a. switched c. twisted pair
b. probe d. crossover

____ 7. A____ is a small electronic device that issues a signal on a wire pair.
a. tone locator c. tone generator
b. probe kit d. probe

____ 8. ____ is a fundamental property of wire that depends on a wire’s molecular structure and size.
a. Voltage c. Resistance
b. Current d. Impedance

____ 9. Resistance is measured in ____.
a. ohms c. centimeters
b. hertz d. volts

____ 10. ____ is the telltale factor for ascertaining where faults in a cable lie.
a. Resistance c. Voltage
b. Impedance d. Current

____ 11. When used on a copper-based cable, a continuity tester applies a small amount of ____ to each conductor at one end of the cable.
a. resistance c. voltage
b. impedance d. current

____ 12. A ____ can be used to intercept a telephone conversation.
a. sniffer c. network monitor
b. protocol analyzer d. butt set

____ 13. A ____ is a software-based tool that continually monitors network traffic from a server or workstation attached to the network.
a. network monitor c. protocol analyzer
b. sniffer d. multimeter

____ 14. To take advantage of network monitoring and analyzing tools, the network adapter installed in the machine running the software must support ____ mode.
a. open c. promiscuous
b. static d. continuous

____ 15. ____ packets exceed the medium’s maximum packet size.
a. Jabber c. Giant
b. Ghost d. Runt

____ 16. ____ are frames that are not actually data frames, but aberrations caused by a device misinterpreting stray voltage on the wire.
a. Jabbers c. Giants
b. Ghosts d. Runts

____ 17. A ____ usually results from a bad NIC.
a. jabber c. giant
b. ghost d. runt

____ 18. A ____ can generate traffic in an attempt to reproduce a network problem and monitor multiple network segments simultaneously.
a. multimeter c. network monitor
b. cable performance tester d. protocol analyzer

____ 19. The danger in using a ____ is that it could collect more information than you or the machine can reasonably process.
a. cable continuity tester c. protocol analyzer
b. multimeter d. wireless network tester

____ 20. Before using a network monitor or protocol analyzer on a network, it is important to know what ____ on your network normally looks like.
a. jabber c. current
b. runts d. traffic

____ 21. Viewing the status of the wireless connection on your workstation tells you ____ about your wireless environment.
a. everything c. a lot
b. nothing d. a little


Match each item with a statement below:
a. probe kit f. butt set
b. multimeter g. local collisions
c. ohmmeter h. late collisions
d. continuity tester i. protocol analyzer
e. voltage event recorder

____ 22. Instrument that checks whether a cable is conducting current.

____ 23. Also know as a linemans handset.

____ 24. Used to verify the location of a wire termination.

____ 25. Take place outside the window of time in which they would normally be detected by the network and redressed.

____ 26. The device used to measure resistance.

____ 27. Occurs when two or more stations are transmitting simultaneously.

____ 28. Collects data about power quality.

____ 29. Captures traffic and analyzes frames.

____ 30. An instrument used to measure impedance, resistance, and voltage on a wire.