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Pacemaker Rhythms-Study Guide

Study Guide-Chapter 8

1. Know definitions to the following terms:
a. Asynchronous pacemaker
b. AV sequential pacemaker
c. Atrial pacing
d. Bipolar lead
e. Capture
f. Demand (synchronous) pacemaker
g. Dual-chamber pacemaker
h. Intrinsic
i. Pacemaker
j. Pacemaker spike
k. Pacing interval
l. Pulse generator
m. unipolar lead
n. Ventricular pacing

2. Compare the differences between Permanent and temporary pacemakers
3. Compare the differences between unipolar and bipolar electrodes
4. Describe a Fixed-Rate (asynchronous) Pacemaker
5. Describe a Demand (synchronous) pacemaker
6. What is a single chamber pacemaker?
7. What are dual-chamber pacemakers?
8. What is Transcutaneous pacing?
9. Know the steps for Transcutaneous pacing
10. What is the stimulating current for Transcutaneous pacing called?
11. When is pacing used? Indications?
12. Identify the causes of failure to capture
13. Identify the causes of failure to pace
14. Identify the causes of failure to sense
15. List complications of TCP
16. List the steps for analyzing pacemaker function on the ECG
17. Practice analyzing pacemaker strips on pages 225-228.