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Here is an example of a simple paragraph using correct structure.

The teacher asked the students to write one paragraph about butterflies.

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and interesting creatures on earth. Their attractive, brilliant colors catch interest immediately. They have wings of varying shapes and sizes, and some even appear to have "eyes" on them! Some butterflies are cleverly camouflaged with colors that assist them in blending with the plant life in their environments. The delicate physical structure of the butterfly (along with hair-like legs and antennae) adds to its gentle beauty. Some of these curious insects vary distinctly in size, with the largest-known wing span at four inches, and the smallest measured from wing tip to tip at one-half inch. Without these glorious, artful creations darting about in the world, our lives would indeed be much more drab and boring.


> The author found other words to use (i.e. insects, creatures, creations) in order to avoid repeating "butterfly" time after time.

> The topic (first)sentence and the closing sentence (last)provide the reader with similar (mirrored) reflection of the same idea using quite different words.

> There are five supporting sentences. Each supporting statement tells some detail about the beauty of butterflies - or of some interesting detail.

> Other words (such as "beautiful") have been carefully replaced with synonyms to avoid repitition. (attractive, brilliant, artful, glorious)
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