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(a) Addiction---state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming (example: narcotics)
(b) Additive effect---when two drugs work together to produce an effect a single drug would not produce alone
(c) Adverse Reaction--an undesirable response to a drug that may be either sudden or take days to occur
(d) Allergy--reaction to a medication that causes local and systemic symptoms
(e) Cross Tolerance--The resistance to the effect or effects of a drug as a result of tolerance previously developed to another drug having a similar pharmacologic action
(f) Cumulative Effect--Develops with repeated doses prior to the initial dose being metabolized/excreted by the body
(g) Dependence---Physical "need" or psychological "desire" for the medication
(h) Habituation--the emotional or psychological dependence on a drug after repeated use (i.e. narcotics or analgesics)
(i)Hypersensitivity---An exaggerated response to a drug such as an allergic reaction to an antibiotic
(j) Iatrogenic Reaction---An adverse effect, condition, or disorder that is unintentionally produced by the administration of a drug
(k) Idiosyncratic Reaction--An abnormal reaction that is unpredictable and unique to a specific patient rather than a group of patients
(l) Loading Dose--A single dose or accumulation of several closely repeated doses used to obtain the therapeutic level that achieves the desired effect
(m) Maintenance Dose---Additional doses of a medication, administered after the loading dose, added to keep the medication at the therapeutic level
(n) Potentiation--A combination reaction where one drug enhances the effect of the other (codeine and alcohol)
(o) Side Effect--A response to a drug that is not the desired effect but seems to occur in many patients (headache with NTG)
(p) Synergictic Effect--The effect of two drugs working together in an additive manner that results in an effect that is greater than the sum of their effects if taken individually
(Q)Tolerance--Decrease in the expected reaction to a drug with repeated doses. Common in patients taking analgesics.