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Physical Fitness Test (FitnessGram) Pre-/post-test



Student's will be assessed using the State PFT protocols.


3.1 Assess the components of health-related physical fitness (muscle strength, muscle
endurance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and body composition) by using a scientifically
based health-related fitness assessment.
3.2 Compare individual physical fitness results with research-based standards for good health.
3.4 Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity a minimum of four days each week.
3.5 Measure and evaluate changes in health-related physical fitness based on physical activity

Anticipatory Set

Each day will have different equipment setup throughout the activity area.


In the beginning students will need to be taught the various testing protocols for each of the assessments. Below you will see videos for each of the assessments and how each assessment is conducted. By the time the PFT is administered for the state, students will be familiar with the testing protocols.


Push up
Curl up
Truck Lift
Finger Touch (aka Shoulder Stretch)
Modified Sit-&-Reach
Height & Weight
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)


Each assessment will be modeled for the students using the protocols set forth by the state.

Check for Understanding

After each assessment is modeled, I will ask the students questions to check to see if they understand how each is conducted.

Guided Practice/Monitoring

Once the assessment(s) for the day have been modeled, then the students will begin assessing each other.


Once all data has been collected for the day, make sure that students have recorded their individual data. At the end of the week, students will then write a one page reflection on their performance compared to last time, as well as the "healthy fitness zones" table.

Independent Practice

Students will record there results in there composition books and compare them to their previous performances as well as to the state "Healthy Fitness Zones" table.


Push up Test

Curl Up

Trunk Lift

Flexibility - Shoulder Stretch

Flexibility - Back-Saver Sit & Reach

Body Composition - BMI