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PHYSICAL STATE - Physical Property of Matter

Physical States of Matter- A property of Matter

Matter has different forms. An ice cube, liquid water in a glass, and water vapor in the air. They all are water, but they have different physical properties.

Is matter that has a fixed volume and shape. An example is a wooden block. If you move the a wooden block from the table to the floor, the block's shape stays the same.

Is matter that has a fixed volume but not a fixed shape. A liquid takes the shape of its container. Vinegar, water and milk are examples of liquids. If your pour a liquid from one container to another, its shape changes. IT'S VOLUME STAYS THE SAME.

Is matter that does not have a fixwed volume or shape. A gas spreads out in all directions. It takes the shape of its container. The helium in a ballon is a gas. It stays inside the ballon while the ballon is sealed. If you open the ballon, the particles of helium gas escape into the air. Air is also made up of gases.

Changes in state

Matter can change from one state to another.

Ice is the solid state of water. If enough heat is added to ice, it changes to a liquid. The change from a solid to liquid is called MELTING. Different kinds of matter change state at different temperatures. The temperature at which ice melts is 0`C.

Adding more heat can cause a liquid to change to a gas. Liquid water changes to a gas called water vapor. EVAPORATION is the change froma liquid to gas at the surface of a liquid. Water in a puddle evaporates when sunlight warms it.

BOILING is the bubbling that takes place when a liquid when enough heat is added to change the liquid into a gas. When a liquid boils, bubbles of gas form throughout the liquid and rise the surface. The temperature at which a liquid boils is called the boiling point of pure water is 100`C.

When water vapor cools, it changes to a liquid water. This change from gas to a liquid is called CONDENSATION. If a liquid water gets cold enough, it changes to solid ice.

FREEZING is the change froma liquid to a solid. The temperature at which a liquid freezes is called freezes called FREEZING POINT. Liquid water freezes and ice melts at the same temperature, 0`C

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