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Mrs. Ferraro

Place Value to Hundred Thousands

Place Value Study Guide

We have been studying place value, word form, standard form and expanded form since the beginning of September. Here are some hints that may be helpful to you:

Draw this chart on a piece of notebook paper and have someone at home quiz you for 10 minutes each night.

Hundred Thousands | Ten Thousands | Thousands |,| Hundreds | Tens | Ones
*This is the Thousands Neighborhood. Remember the
comma (,) separates the larger, Thousands "houses"
from the smaller "houses" in the H, T, O Neighborhood.
Draw a house around the H Th, another house around
the T Th and another house around the Th.
*Then draw smaller houses around the
H, T, and O.

Remember, smaller house, smaller number. Larger house, larger number and that comma helps you see where one neighborhood ends and another begins.

Now, for word form, expanded form and standard form, here are some more hints:

1) word form = spell it out with letters and note how the spelling of some number words change...like four, fourteen and forty!

2) expanded form = blow it up with bubbles or zeroes. If you have a number like 156,973 start by counting how many place values or "houses" make up the number. Write the number on a piece of paper and label the "houses", remembering that the comma separates the small houses from the big houses. Label each house...HTh TTh Th , H T O and that will help you add the bubbles/zeroes. 1 means 100,000 / 5 means 50,000 / 6 means 6,000 /,/ 9 means 900/ 7 means 70 / 3 means 3

3) standard form = the numbers all standing next to each other like soldiers. 156,973