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Road to Civil War Timeline

Road to Civil War Timeline

Directions: Historians have often asked whether or not the Civil War could have been prevented. The Civil War was arguably the most devastating event in the American History. By examining the events that led up to this conflict we are able to hypothesize an answer to this question: What events contributed the most to the onset of the Civil War? Could the war have been prevented? Could a permanent compromise to sectional differences have been achieved?
Your group will create an illustrated timeline that will highlight the more important events that led up to the Civil War. Your timeline should be colorful, creative, and include historically accurate information about the events listed below.

Every timeline must address the following events/topics:
Wilmot Proviso
Compromise of 1850
Fugitive Slave law of 1850
Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854
“Bleeding Kansas”
Charles Sumner beaten by Preston Brooks
New Republican party forms
Dred Scott case/decision
Lincoln-Douglas debates
Harper Ferry Incident
Lincoln elected president
The Formation of the Confederacy

Timelines should include:
Name of event
Date of event - include month, day (if possible), and year. (As this is a timeline, events should be in chronological order).
3 facts about each event
A small illustration/symbol of event
Draw on large poster paper
Use class notes and handouts to complete timeline.

- Events have accurate dates in chronological order 13 pts
- Events include accurate and relevant historical facts 39 pts(3pts each)
- Events include an illustration/symbol 39 pts(3pts each)
- Timeline is creative and colorful - demonstrate pride and effort in work 10 pts

Total: 101pts