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Sci Fair Project Board Components


The following information is given as an example to help students understand what they should include under each heading on their Science Fair Project Boards. Students have been instructed to enter their research question, hypothesis, and all the info below in their Science Journals so they can keep all of the material together and so that they will be able to transfer the info from their journals to their Science Fair Boards when it is time for them to prepare.
If you want to see examples of completed boards you can follow the link below. These are examples and differ slightly from what I am requiring so please follow the instructions below the link on this page.

The headings should include:
• Abstract
• Title and Name of Student or Students
• Purpose
• Hypothesis
• Materials
• Procedure
• Results
• Conclusions
• References


Use the following guideline as you write your Science Fair Abstract. An abstract is a 250 word or less summary of the Science Fair Project from start to finish. I am not including an abstract example. Each student must write an abstract.
• Sentence 1: Ask the question that your experiment asks. This can be your purpose in question form.
• Sentence 2: State your hypothesis. This can be written in the If____________________, then_____________ format.
• Next few sentences: sum up the materials and procedure you used as well as the results you gathered in your experiment.
• Next Few Sentences: state whether your hypothesis was correct or incorrect; explain why your hypothesis was correct or incorrect.
• Final few sentences: state any improvements or changes you think might be helpful for future experimentation

Title & Student Names

The title can be the research question or a clever title the student thinks up. The name or names of the student or students should appear on the board below the title.

Sean’s Title

"The Jawbreakers of the Popcorn Industry"
By Sean Boyd


This is a statement of why the student is conducting the experiment.

Sean’s Purpose:

This experiment is going to answer that age-old question. Which brand off popcorn yields the least amount of un-popped kernels?


This is the student's best guess at what will happen in the experiment. Hypotheses are often worded "If I do [this] then I believe [this] will happen."

Sean’s Hypothesis:

My hypothesis is that Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn will be the best in terms of un-popped kernels, and that Aldi’s Corntown Brand will be the worst in un-popped kernel amount


This is a simple list of all the materials that will be used in the experiment or project.

Sean’s materials:

My materials will be as following:

3 bags of Aldi brand popcorn
3 bags of Act II brand popcorn
3 bags of Orville Redenbacher brand popcorn
3 bags of Jolly Time brand popcorn
3 bags of Pop-Secret brand popcorn

I’ll have three trials of each type of popcorn so I can average the amount of kernels and get the most conclusive results. I’m also going to use the original Butter flavor of each popcorn brand so that the results don’t change according to flavor.


This is a description of the steps that are to be followed in the experiment.

Sean’s Procedure:

First I popped the popcorn in the microwave for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, the recommended time for popping popcorn.

After that, I counted the un-popped kernels and recorded the results in the data table.

I repeated steps 1 - 3 two more times for a total of 3 trails each for all 5 brands of popcorn.

Once all my results were in the data table, I averaged the 3 trials for each brand of popcorn.


This section should include charts, graphs and pictures along with a little commentary on the results. As a note: charts and graphs do not show up well on Wikis!

Sean’s Results:

Kind of popcorn Number of un-popped kernels Average amount of un-popped kernels

Jolly Time 28 19 52 33
Orville Redenbacher 51 45 28 41 ⅓
Act II 39 25 34 32 ⅔
Pop-Secret 54 57 55 55 ⅓
Aldi 56 80 70 68 ⅔

(Sean also included a Data Table.)

As you can see in this graph and in the Data Table, the best popcorn in terms of un-popped kernels, was Act II, with Jolly Time as a close second, followed by Orville Redenbacher, Pop-Secret and, the no-name brand, Aldi’s Corntown popcorn coming in last place

Conclusion & Additional Information

In this section the student will state whether the hypothesis was correct or incorrect and explain why it may have been correct or incorrect. The student also will state any improvements or changes that might be helpful for future experimentation.

Sean’s conclusions and additional information:

I thought the best popcorn with the least amount of kernels would be Orville Redenbacher, but my hypothesis was incorrect. The best popping popcorn is shown to be Act II.

Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn was the most expensive, and Aldi’s Corntown was the least expensive. Some results seemed to be inconclusive, and unconvincing. The Jolly Time popcorn had the lowest amount of un-popped kernels, until for some unknown reason it came up with 52 un-popped kernels. The Orville Redenbacher suddenly got 28 at the end, when at the beginning it was at a whopping 51 kernels. The most consistent brand was Pop-Secret. Several variables that might have affected the results, or tainted the results, might have been a variable amount of energy going to the microwave, therefore cooking it differently at different times and energies. Also, I might have missed some kernels that might have fallen out of the bowl, accidentally been eaten, or got stuck in the bag when I poured out the popcorn into the bowl we ate from. Over all, though (because I averaged the amount of kernels), I don’t think any other variables greatly affected the results.

So, next time you go out to buy popcorn, look for either Act II, or Jolly Time popcorn.


If the student used people, references or downloaded pictures, these sources must be included!

Shawn's References are shown below:


Scientists Discover the Secret of Popcorn's Popability, Robert Roy Britt, www.livescience.com
Popcorn, www.wikipedia.com
Popcorn, a type of flint corn, encarta.msn.com
Which brand of popcorn pops the most? http://www.mercer.edu/camps/message/summer2001/summer2001-popcorn.htm
Which as the best "pop" for your buck, http://www.k12.nf.ca/greenwood/virsci/Intermediate/popcorn/popcorn.htm
My mom